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virigina incident (in english)

Because my school is writing on a research report and I've chose on current event, which is the Virigina incident. The question is, "how does this effect Asians?"

Since I cannot think of any thesis, therefore I need help.

Think of three ideas and provide examples of how this is going to affect Asians.

Thank you.

NOTE: all replies should be in english.


My definition of three ideas is to provide examples from historical events or current events. Examples like the U.S have stricten the law of asians immigrating in American.

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    How does the incident of Virginia Tech massacre affect Asians?

    thesis: The incident of Virginia Tech mass killing might worsen Asian

    communities' chances to become integrated with the mainstream society

    in America.

    1. The Asian communities image is destoryed:

    News reported that Asians generally feel that their personal safeties

    are threatened after the massacre because after the shooting was largely

    reported by the mass media, it is well known that the killer has an Asian background. No matter how positive the Asian communities' image was before the incident, the case of *name of the killer* has put them on the black list.

    2. the conservatives in the United States might try to force the government to heighten the restrictions on Asian immigrants to America.

    Now, there is much less chances for Asian elites to apply Greencard

    for American citizenship or to apply for immigrantion. It is a similiar situation happened to Islamic community in 2001 when two 747 airplanes were hijacked by Quade organization for suicide planes running into World Trade Centre in New York.

    3. the incident of *korean name*'s school bloodbath has created an obstacle for Asian students to achieve their academic goals in America.

    Just recently a high school student with Chinese background has been banned from entering the school and also is facing a criminal charge against him for his unpropriate content he wrote for his English project.

    i hope the examples i provided above for each main point are relevant

    i provide one example each because for more, i would need to do more research on it.

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    How will Cho Seung-Hui’s Virginia Tech shooting effect Asian Americans?

    Many of the Asian Americans are feared by the incident: (Racism is also a issue going on in US)

    BLACKSBURG, Va. (Reuters) - Virginia Tech student Jiyoun Yoo was terrified when she heard a gunman had rampaged through her campus, killing 32 people. When news broke on Tuesday the gunman was a South Korean student, her fear took a new direction.

    "I'm from South Korea, so I am a little bit scared," said Yoo, 24, as she walked on campus. Only one person was responsible for the massacre, she said, "but maybe it will affect all South Korean students."

    "It is big news in South Korea. Yesterday they were worried if I'm safe, now they are worried there might be a risk that I'm South Korean," said Yoo.

    Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine said he did not expect a backlash against Asians after the shooting.

    "This is an incident that cuts across all the barriers. There's grief for all. I don't believe this will be seen by people in this community and others as an excuse to exercise prejudice or intolerance against anyone," he told a news conference.

    "We are working closely with our diplomatic missions and local Korean residents' associations in anticipation of any situation that may arise," a Foreign Ministry official said.

    South Korea has the largest number of foreign students in the United States -- nearly 15 percent -- according to the U.S. Customs and Enforcement Web site.

    "I think it's going to affect us quite seriously," said Sunwoong Kim, president of the Korean-American University Professors Association.

    "It's certainly going to cause a negative stereotype of Korean Americans because he happens to be Korean and a loner and, under some emotional stress, he reacted very violently," said Kim, a professor at the University of Wisconsin.

    Moore, a native of China, hoped her three small children would not be targeted because of their Asian appearance.

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    1. Ashamed

    Because of what happened at Virigina Tech effected on all the Asian people. There are already some racism going on beofre the incident. Now this incident happened and how will the Americans look at the Asians??

    2. Sad

    It is sad because the gunman of the incident was always alone. I don't know if it's racism going on or is he just won't make friends. But I just think if people care about him or at least gets to know him, maybe this horrible incident wouldn't happened.

    3. Shocked

    It is a shocked to hear of this incident because the gunman is Asian. Now the relationship between Asia and Americam might have crack in it. The American see Asians as a whole. The Americans won't come up to a person to ask them where they are from. They will just group them as Asians. So it really does matter how the Asians acts in front of the Americans.

    參考資料: Me.... (My Opinion..)
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