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鵝鑾鼻是臺灣最南端的一角,相連太平洋與巴士海峽。 在鵝鑾鼻公園,您將發現巨大的珊瑚礁岩石獨特的珊瑚礁植物和熱帶沿海植物。 也有著名歷史大廈-鵝鑾鼻燈塔(1882修建),二次大戰時被美軍炸燬,光復後依原建築修復迄今。塔身全白,為圓柱形,為白鐵製,塔塔高21.4公尺為環台燈塔中最雄偉的一座,並有「東亞之光」的榮稱,已被列為史蹟保存區。公園裡有很多種類動物及豐富的植物,每年九月有來自西伯利亞紅尾伯勞大群過境時,場面壯觀,鵝鑾鼻公園是極佳的觀賞地點。


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    Oranbi is the dime that Taiwan is the most south to carry, connecting with each other the Pacific Ocean and Bashi Channel. The park in Oranbi, you will find huge coral reef rock the special coral reef plant and tropical and circumlittoral plant. Also have a history mansion-Oranbi lighthouse(1882 build), the World War II is destroyed by the American solider, after recovering repair according to original building up to the present.The tower body is whole whites, making for the galvanized iron for the cylinder form, the tower tower is high 21.4 meters of is the wreath desk lamp tower in the most impressive-looking of a, and have the glory of"the light of East Asias"s to call, have already been listed as conservancy area in historic site.There are a lot of category animals and abundant plant in the park, September has already come from red tail shrike in Siberia every year When the big flock be in transit, the condition is magnificent, park in Oranbi appreciates a location very and goodly.

    There is dragon Pan park, the sand island ecosystem sanctuary in neighborhood with the shell sand demonstration building also all is make sight-seeing trip the prosperity point.

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    ●九州 娛樂 網站



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    ●九州 娛樂 網站

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    我想, 為什麼很多網友在徵求答案時, 會附帶聲明[ 不要網路翻譯 ].


    文法上有很多商榷的地方, 意思表達上也有ㄧ些很奇怪, 若非看了原文,就難以了解英文翻譯說的什麼.

    原則上, 我個人不是很贊成這種網路翻譯方法的.

    特別聲明一下, 個人絕對無意冒犯回答的網友. 只是第一次看到整篇網路翻譯

    後, ㄧ點小小的感想. 無論如何, 提供知識解答都是值得肯定的. 既使網路翻譯不能完全令人滿意, 還是可以從中學習到很多.

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