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我自己本身對於拍攝有些知識,但可惜我不會把專業知識翻譯成英文寫成文章,請英文達人幫忙我一下 感激不盡


如何選擇一個可以拍出好畫質的相片呢? 首先相機的選擇是很重要的,數位相機的最基本要求必須要可以伸縮鏡頭,防手震,以及大鏡頭!







我已經用很簡單的話解釋了,但是我還是沒有到達那個程度 實在很能表達清楚


謝謝地域少女 幫了我一個大忙

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wellskao 的答案我比較看得懂,似乎好像也比較正確 ^^ 謝謝妳

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    Selection of the camera is very critical. The fundamental requirements for a digital camera are: telescopic lens, anti-shocking and large lens. After your camera features those basic requirements, then you need to learn some little skills.

    When you take the picture on the face of people, the light must be enough, and there should not be any thing blocking the light or making the light unevenly shone on the face except some special photographing.

    Finally, when you design the composition, you can refer to the 9-segment composition, putting the object that you want to take on the crosschecking point, or the L shape composition. When sitting or standing with your waist bending, you can put the object close to the rim, making the man just like the frame of the photo.

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    不知該說些什麼啦!!!!!!!! >_<"'

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    How select a photograph that can clap good painting quality? The select of the camera is very important first, the digital camera is the most basic to request and have to be able to flex a lens, defending the hand earthquake, and big lens!

    When the fundamental equiptment owns after, connect down and learned some small techniques.

    Usually the face ray of light of the person wants enough, the ray of light that avoids having other things to hold up ray of light and has nonuniform shines on to the on the face(the outside of the special beats legal statutes)

    Focus to know to is a diaphragm to want to adjust in addition big and some.

    Can make reference to at the time of designing menu finally, the composition method of the well matrix~put master on nine point of intersection of the palace spaces, perhaps the composition method of the L type~sit of time~or stand to bend from the waist hour~

    Can take person as the frame frame of the photograph puts similarly in the place of comparing the edge

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