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幫我翻譯 我要英文 因為要給外國人的




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    In this developed society of industry and commerce, with the starting of science and technology, the environment that we inhabit is facing the strong test too, waste gas that factory discharge, around us again rubbish 4 ring people make, have corroded our life, the problem of how to afforesting the environment becomes very urgent too step by step.

    How should afforest the environment on earth? In fact difficult, so long as everybody can go strength trip actually, so bright environment, not far from us. First of all, we must train the good social morality heart since doing basically, a lot of people often think that does not matter to throw out the rubbish without care everywhere, hardly realize such a behavior will cause the serious consequence, even become the breeding source of the mosquito, make oneself or others' body endangered. Secondly we should afforest more, reduce the air pollution. The most important thing is, the ones that safeguarded household's environment are neat. Afforest the environment in life with beautifying and seem that there is not place of looks relation, in fact they are closely bound up, stand together through thick and thin, beautiful environment, can impel a person's sex to promote cleverly, heart is calm, enable oneself to grow up further. On the contrary, abominable environment, not only unsightly, will also make people's heart feel agitated, uneasy, the thought is blocked, is full of unable senses, these factors not only will influence the personal growth in the future, is hindered, result in lacking the ability in the face of the question, may cause the one hundredth disease of body to invade. This has reminded the importance of everybody's environment too, is what everybody can't ignore.


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