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誰可以幫我詮釋解析蕭邦的離別圓舞曲..OP 69-1


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    Opus 69, No. 1 is a waltz by Chopin. It is sometimes known as The Farewell Waltz, or the L'adieu Valse.


    The waltz was originally written as a farewell piece to Marie Wodzińska, to whom Chopin was once engaged to. This autographed copy, first presented in September 1835, is now in the National Library in Warsaw, Poland. Another autographed version of the piece can be found at the Paris Conservatoire, but is considered to be a less refined version. A third is presented as the posthumous edition of Jules Fontana, but has not been substantiated by any known autograph.


    The waltz is in A flat major, with a time signature of 3/4. The tempo is marked at "Tempo di Valse," or a waltz tempo. The beginning theme is melancholic and nostalgic, and reaches a small high point with a fast flourish. The second part is marked "sempre delicatissimo," or "con anima" in other versions. It is somewhat more cheerful that the previous theme, but soon give way to the same first theme. After a second rendition of the first theme is a third theme, the most playful theme. It leads to another theme with a series of ascending double-stops. This fourth theme is marked "poco a poco crescendo," with other editions adding "ed appassionato." This leads back to the third, playful theme, and returns back to the beginning with a Da Capo al Fine.