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麻煩各位了> <

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  • Lisa W
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    第一位是用翻譯機嗎? 看不太懂哦! 以下是我的翻譯.

    Hello everyone!

    How have you been?

    Golden week has come to an end, did you all enjoyed yourselves?

    I have had a very busy and tiring Golden week

    I got a cold on the second day of the Golden week and am still suffering.

    On top of that, the shop that I worked for would not let me take time off. I am absolutely knackered.

    I still managed to find time to go to the cinemas though since I love watching movies

    I went to see Spiderman 3 on Wednesday.

    I have seen the whole series including one and two and was really looking forward to the release of the third one.

    It was just as I expected. The third of the series was exciting and interesting.

    I wander what you did during Golden week?

    I am going back to school next week and hopefully we will be able to share our experiences.

    參考資料: Myself. 英國華僑.
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    Everybody , Luo Kazakhstan of Kazakhstan

    How to cross recently to know everybody the silk gauze?

    Golden week has already reached the coda , has everybody gone out to play attentively?

    I have crossed a golden week busy and also tired.

    I begin to catch a cold on second day beginning in golden week. It is still not good till now.

    Adding the shop where I work as a temporary labourer in golden week again has no idea to let me ask for leave. Have really worked me to death.

    But I liking seeing the film, find time to go to the cinema .

    I went to see 3 spider-mans on Wednesday.

    I 1 follow 2 to see in the films of this series. So has been looking forward to the showing of 3 very much all the time .

    Do not reply me and look as expected. It is also excellent that the third part is too stimulated! !

    Know everybody pass how 's golden week it will be one?

    Will begin to have a class again next week , can listen to every sharing then in hope!

    參考資料: Dr.eye