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請用”wag the dog”幫我造句

請用"wag the dog"幫我造句,或是會出現在對話中的一段對話也可以。

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    大家或許還記得1998年上演的一部諷刺美國政治的電影 "Wag the Dog",即「桃色風雲搖擺狗」。故事大綱是美國總統競選連任前夕(upcoming presidential elections),爆發了緋聞(sex scandal)。當時總統幕僚(political consultant)想出了好點子,企圖想製造戰爭爆發的危機(crisis)來轉移媒體注意。電影中有句對白是這樣說的, "Why does a dog wag its tail? Because the dog is smarter than the tail. If the tail were smarter, it would wag the dog."其中a dog wags its tail 即指狗搖尾巴,此時狗是主體,尾巴是副體。但如果情況相反,是由尾巴來搖狗the tail wagging the dog,則主客體不分了。所以這個片語用來比喻「反客為主」,「違反原則」,即a reversal of the proper role. 在這個片子裡,少部分的政客及好萊塢製片的餿主意影響了整個國家,可以說是a case of the tail wigging the dog.

    Eg: The patient explained the new therapy to her doctor - a real case of the tail wagging the dog.



    But while US President George W. Bush’s political gurus will likely quibble with certain items in Rich’s bill of particulars — notably, his “wag the dog” theory of the 2003 invasion of Iraq as mostly a scheme for Bush to run for re-election as a “vainglorious ‘war president”’ — they have every reason to gloat in response to this recitation of their tactical maneuvers. After all, so much of what Rich details — and deplores — worked well for the Bush White House, at least in winning the short-term gains they were seeking in each of the episodes presented.


    Today I'm looking for news about North Korea. It's a Wag the Dog moment -- perhaps we'll all stop thinking about Foley if we're worrying about nuclear warheads. And I want to hear more about Anna Politkovskaya.


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    在第9行應是a case of the tail wagging the dog.

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