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片名:(Fly Away Home),固然有野雁返家之意含,其實更深刻的意旨是艾咪重返父親懷抱、父女關係重建的歷程。



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    Movie title: Fly Away Home.

    This is a return-of-the-prodigal-son story; mainly is about how Amy return to her father and rebuild their relationship. Though it only takes a day from Newzland to Canada; geographically distence is thousands of miles away, yet psychological distence is uncountable. This is a story about how love, patience, and devotion in a father-and- daughter relationship.

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    The title literally refers to a family of orphaned geese’ journey back home; furthermore, it has the connotation of Amy’s gradual reunion with her father after long broken father-daughter relationship. Through their efforts, they make a breakthrough in the estrangement between them eventually.

    Geographically, there is not more than one hundred thousand miles between New Zealand and Canada only about one day’s flight. However, the nine years’ separation of not having seen or been in touch with each other between a father and a daughter is much far away.

    Only by enduring love, patience, perseverance and strong will can they recapture the blood ties between them.


    參考資料: 離家兩萬哩台北-屏東
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