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請問 bulge 的英文用法

Bulge 一字的用法,


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    Bulge主要是名詞,但也可以當動詞(bulged, bulging),可翻譯為「膨脹/腫脹/凸起的東西」。我自己的感覺bulge這個字是用來形容在異常狀況下才凸起來的東西,所以也有剛剛才凸起來的感覺-->動詞。

    例:That swollen bulge on his arm is a result of a hairline fracture in the radius bone.

    例:What's that bulge in your pants? Or are you just happy to see me? (笑)

    如果是正常情況下的凸物,我可能會用protrusion, lump, hump等字。

    例:Billy needs to go on a diet - there's no wonder why people call him Lumpy.

    例:You see that protrusion over there? That's where the beetles hatch their young.

    當然,'please press down where the bulge is' 完全沒有錯。


    Please apply downward pressure where the surface is protruding.

    [可參考 dictionary.com 。我常用的網站之一。]

    參考資料: noggin + dictionary.com少許
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    可以,用 Please press on the bulged portion 或 Please press on the raised portion 就可以了。

    參考資料: 自己