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1.將本產品插入手機的充電接口上,此時手機螢幕上的充電符號顯示充電中 (有少數手機僅以旅充燈號顯示),此時已進入充電狀態。







5. 本產品燈號僅供充電參考,是否充飽?請參照手機螢幕上的顯示為準。

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    1.While the cell phone is connected to charger ,the indicator light will show the charging state.

    2.When the battery is full capacity,the screen of the cell phone will show the state to you.

    3.When the battery is full capacity,the function of the cell phone will not be automatically shut down. it is nomal.

    4.the Electric current must be stable for the cell phone.Inspecting the capacity of battery and the state of charging will depend on the function provided by the cell phone.

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    The indicator light is only for reference.You can not make sure that the battery is fully charged or not .

    Please take a look at the screen of the cell phone.

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    1.將本產品插入手機的充電接口上,此時手機螢幕上的充電符號顯示充電中 (有少數手機僅以旅充燈號顯示),此時已進入充電狀態。

    1. Insert this product in to the mobile phone charging slot. The charging icon on mobile phone display will indicate charging in process (very few mobile phones will only indicate as using traveler charger). The mobile phone is now in the charging state


    2. When the mobile phone is in the charging state and when it is fully charge, the phone display will indicate with battery full bar code or icon


    3. If mobile phone if off during the charging process, when the battery id fully charge, the mobile phone display will not indicate signal or auto switch off. This condition is considered normal.


    4. This product provide safe and efficient power to the mobile phone; including battery power detecting and charging state control but depending on individual mobile phone functions.

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    5. 本產品燈號僅供充電參考,是否充飽?請參照手機螢幕上的顯示為準。

    5. This product indicator showing if the battery is fully charged is for reference. Please base on mobile phone display indicator as a standard.