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請幫忙翻譯下列故事成中文, 謝絕網路翻譯機 謝謝 part5

After the cemetery Mother took Marnie and me directly to the plane. She did not want to stay over. She said tomorrow was a school day and we should be back. My father spent the rest of the day in Pittsburgh with Myron, talking to the police and the district attorney. They posted a reward.

You may have forgotten the story by now, or may have it confused with the celebrated case of the Cleveland doctor is wife. The death of Leora Dewaine Sherroder was much less noteworthy than the Cleveland story, but it was closely followed in Pittsburgh and on Cape Cod, where the phone book includes three columns of Dewaines. You call a Dewaine to put on a roof, survey your land, pick up your rubbish, send you a nurse. To fish out of Rock Harbor you sign on the Cape Corsair, Cap'n Pres Dewaine. You bank with Len at Samoset 5 Savings. To cater a wedding you call Carolyn. Dewaines hidden by marriage under other names must fill many columns more. The only big rich Dewaines I know of are the Ananders, through Cousin Peg. Delbert Anander knew what land to buy and how long to hold it, and how to run a bank and when to sell it. My father was the fourth Dewaine with the hardware and heating store, the first with the oil trucks.

The story in the newspaper about the will gave me an uncomfortable feeling that others might not see Aunt Leora is death as I did. It did not say anything that was not already known in the family : except for named bequests was left to Uncle Myron as remainderman. They had no children. Simply stating in the newspaper that Myron was Leora Dewaine is heir seemed to imply something.



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    在公墓母親把Marnie 和我帶直接地對飛機之後。她沒有想停留。她說明天是一個教學日並且我們應該回來。我的父親花費了天的剩餘在匹茲堡與Myron, 談話與警察和地方檢查官。他們張貼了獎勵。您也許現在忘記了故事, 或可以安排它與克利夫蘭醫生的慶祝的事例被混淆是妻子。Leora Dewaine Sherroder 死亡比克利夫蘭故事較不顯著的, 但它嚴密被跟隨了在匹茲堡和在鱈魚, 電話簿包括Dewaines 三個專欄。您叫Dewaine 投入屋頂, 勘測您的土地, 拾起您的垃圾, 寄發您護士。釣魚在岩石外面窩藏您標誌在海角海盜, Cap'n Pres Dewaine 。您開戶與Len 在Samoset 5 儲款。承辦宴席婚禮您叫Carolyn 。Dewaines 由婚姻掩藏以其它名字必須填裝許多專欄更。我認識是Ananders 的唯一的大富有的Dewaines, 通過表兄弟Peg. Delbert Anander 知道什麼土地買和多久拿著它, 和怎麼管理銀行和何時賣它。我的父親是第四Dewaine 與硬體和熱化商店, 一與油卡車。故事在報紙關於意願給了我其他人也許不看的一種難受的感覺Leora 伯母是死亡如同我。它沒有認為什麼已經不為人所知在家庭: 除了名為遺產聽任Myron 伯父像remainderman 。他們沒有孩子。簡單地陳述在報紙, Myron 是Leora Dewaine 是承繼人似乎暗示某事。

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    在墓地母親直接地對飛機拿了 Marnie 和我之後。 她沒有想要停留上面。 她明天說是學校日子而且我們應該回來。 我的父親用 Myron 花費了在匹茲堡天的其它部分,和警察和地方檢察官說話。 他們寄了獎賞。

    你可能到如今已經忘記故事,或可能它已經以克里夫蘭醫生的馳名情形混亂是太太。 Leora Dewaine Sherroder 的死亡多較不值得注目的超過克里夫蘭故事

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