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And, where there is sin, there can also be atonement. This week a British businessman in Shanghai called Rupert Hoogewerf publishes his annual list of China's top philanthropists. He says the rich are giving more and more to worthy causes such as schools and hospitals. Of the country’s 100 richest people, he says, 30 are among the 100 most generous; the biggest philanthropists are all from private companies.

But even generous Chinese prefer to avoid too much scrutiny of their wealth. They give to local projects rather than to state charities, which might ask more questions about the origins of the money. Nor does generosity always ensure a quiet life. Zhang Rongkun, the Shanghai tycoon detained last year, had been China's 17th-biggest philanthropist, by Mr Hoogewerf’s reckoning. Keeping on the right side of the party is still the best investment.



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    And, where there is sin, there can also be atonement.


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