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有中翻英 ......英文高手幫幫我^^

下面有三句我翻成英文,因為小女英文能力so so, 麻煩各位大大幫我檢查看看?感恩^^


if in this story a leading character is not blind, then his would be top compture programers?


Do you can to list a person like in this story a leading character not because appearance disability can able like everyman even more excellent?


Reading this article after, do you have any feeling ?

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    If the main character in the story isn't blind, will he still be a top computer engineer?


    Can you give an example that's equally or even more outstanding despite the appearance disability, just like the main character in the story.

    傑出 outstanding


    What thoughts do you have after reading this article?

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    1. If the leading role in the story isn't a blind man, that he would also top computer engineer?

    2. You can enumerate one similar to the leading role in the story not because of the drawback of appearance also the ability is very similar to the ordinary people the power more outstanding person?

    3. Finish reading this article, what feeling do you have?

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