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    During holding a post in the bank, ability is trusted deeply by the executive, hold the posts in many aspects, generally store the respect of gathering together: Serve as foreign currency handle, promissory note handle, information desk handle, fixed deposit handle, court detain style handle. 業務推廣方面:信用卡、基金、保險、定期存款等專案活動,推廣業績深受主管讚賞。

    Popularize the respect in business: Such special project activities as credit card, fund, insurance, fixed deposit, etc., popularize the achievement and is appreciated deeply by the executive.


    Also obtain the certificates actively, it is slightly in many aspects to involve in, increase one's own competitiveness and is admitted to the business personnel of trust business at present, accuse of personnel, life insurance business personnel, result insurance business personnel, Chinese guides, the foreign language leader personnel in the bank.

    每日熱衷於工作中,服務形形色色的客戶、竭盡所能幫助客戶解決問題、積極提供客戶投資理財資訊,助人助己,使我受益良多,在工作中獲得滿足及成就感。 Hanker after the work every day, serve the varied customer, try one's best to help the customer to solve the problem, offer information of making the investment and managing money matters to the customer actively, helping people to help only, make me derive much benefit, satisfying at work and fulfillment.


    Interpersonal relationships: Not merely establishing friendly connections with the customer, the colleague is also very harmonious when getting along.


    But I am unsatisfied to the current situation, expect to improve the personal competitiveness, then go to London of Britain to study in the short-term language school singly with resolution, but the body is during staying in Britain, the family meets with the accident, make me return to Taiwan and look after family.

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    During the period of schooling in London, get to know multinational students, make my outlook open greatly,

    2007-05-22 10:58:44 補充:

    think deeply that should promote language ability, train the international view actively, can base on the world.


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