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哪位英文高手 可以幫我翻譯這篇文章?!


很急 英文高手 幫個忙! ! 謝謝!!!

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    80% of the ancestors of the people in Taiwan were originally from the

    Main-Land of China, my father was from the Ha-Ga group (race/tribe)

    of Canton, China.

    All of the ancestors of my father's side of the family were married to

    their own group of people, in one of the Ha-Ga Towns, they lived on a

    small retail business that they owned.

    My grand-father on my mom's side was from SzeChuen, China; migrated

    to Taiwan during the time of war, married my grandmom from Taiwan.

    He often mentioned how he join the military at the age of 16, and relocated

    to Taiwan with military.

    My grandpa did not speak any Taiwanese when he married my grandmom,

    they communicated to each other with sign/body-language.

    Altho it was the time of confliction of politics and differences, but my

    family took and accepted it well.

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    In Taiwan, eighty percent of ancestors almost come from China. My father is hakka derived from Cantonese province, China. My grandfather's clan is all married with hakka and always live in a small town where there are many hakka. They run a store to feed on themsleves. My mother's father come from Szechwan province. He migrate to Taiwan because of warfare, and then get married with local Taiwanese woman. He always metions about taking part in the millitary at sixteen to different places. Finally, come to Taiwan. By the time he got married with grandmother, he totally didn't speak Taiwanese. Their communication always depend on body language. Therefore, when political conflict between enthic groups broke out in Taiwan, my family is really a melting pot.

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