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    如果是訂貨的話, 以下範例提供您參考, 希望對您有幫助!!

    (一) 訂貨函

    Dear ___________,

    Enclosed is our order form No. _________. Please send us the listed items by UPS overnight delivery or Federal Express to the following address:




    As we have urgent need for these products, we hope you will notify us immediately by fax or telephone if there is any problem filling this order by ___________[date]. Thank you for cooperation.

    Yours sincerely,



    (二) 訂貨, 付款及交貨條件

    Dear ___________,

    Based on the information from your ________ catalog, I enclosed our order #________. As we are in urgent need of these items, please inform me immediately if anything included in the list is not available. It would be greatly appreciated if you could deliver our order by __________[date].

    We understand that your terms are payment at ______ days, documents against acceptance, and that you require documentary credit to be opened with __________________________[bank]. Our bank is ______________________[bank], ________________________________[address].

    Looking forward to an early reply.

    Sincerely yours,



    (三) 訂貨, 隨附函

    Dear _________,

    Enclosed is our order No. _________ for the following items:





    We would appreciate delivery within the next ______ weeks and look forward to receiving your acknowledgement.

    Yours sincerely



    參考資料: 我做採購六年了
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