The B&B in Penghu,Guo-Ye(20)

Who can tell me the best B&B in Penghu,Guo-Ye?

I want to take a trip in Penghu.

I heard that Penghu,Guo-Ye is a beautiful scenic spots.

So I expect to visit there.

Oh!By the way,tell me the B&B 's detail,please. Thank you.

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  • Jan
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    Sunrise Bed & Breakfast is run by Jan Hou and Sylvia Lyu. Our B&B is located in Guoyeh Village, Huhsi Township on the main island of the Penghu archipelagoes. Guoyeh is a quiet fishing village just five minutes’ drive from the airport and 15 minutes’ drive from Makung City. Guoyeh has always been renowned for its spectacular sunrise from the sea. That is why our B&B is named Sunrise.

    Our deluxe double rooms are furnished with top quality furniture, LCD TV, fridge and a well-equipped bathroom. One of them features an ocean view while the other offers a view of the village. Our standard rooms come with their own private bath and windows with a view. There is also a communal lounge area with great panoramic ocean view on the third floor. Click on the “Rooms” link for more photos of our rooms and other facilities.

    For more details, please visit our website

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