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"您好,經由貨運服務我在5/11收到您寄出的鍋子及切沙拉的工具,但非常遺憾,您寄的鍋子並非您拍賣中所說的是12層的,鍋子是五層的。若是12層的鍋,在鍋子的旁邊會寫12 element"而您的鍋子寫的是"5 ply"雖然您付的一張紙寫的是12層鍋,但那張只是說明12層鍋的好處,應該是廣告紙,並無法証明此鍋是12層。


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    "How are you, serving me through the freight transportation at 5/11 receive the cooking pot that you send out and slice the tool of salad, but very sorry, you send of cooking pot not you auction off in is 12 layer what to say, the cooking pot is five layer.If 12 layer pot, will write a "and what your cooking pot write is" of the 12 elements 5 plies in the flank of cooking pot"although you pay of what a piece of paper write is 12 layers of pots, that is just the advantage which explains 12 layers of pots, should be advertise paper, and can't proof's being this pot of is 12 layers.

    If you can't put forward other explanation, I will stop paypal payment."

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