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2.香皂B是不是有類似附帶檔案中照片的認證? 如果有的話,可以掃描成相片檔案,以E-MAIL傳給我們嗎?



很感謝很快幫忙我的3位大大.. 三位的英文造詣都非常好。我把最佳解答投給了[swift]大大,因為我引用他的部分最多... 在一次向各位大大說聲感謝....

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  • swift
    Lv 6
    1 0 年前

    We have received the shipment of the recent order on May 5th. According to the confirmation e-mail of yours on April 4th, we ordered 20 pieces of soap. However, the shipment contains only 4 pieces. We need this batch of soap to ship to our customers very soon. Please send us the missing 16 pieces as soon as you can so that our reputation would not be in jeopardy. By the way, some of the packaging boxes of the sent soap were seriously damaged during the shipment. Would you please send also 10 packaging boxes? Do you have any certification as the attached file for the type B soap? If you do, please scan it into jpg file and e-mail to us. We are eagerly looking forward to your response. Thanks for your help.

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  • 1 0 年前

    Your help is much appreciated.We have already received to order this time on May 5 of article.

    According to the the E-MAIL that we order single confirmation that you give out on April 4, we are to order 20 piece soaps, but receive of in the article, the soap only has 4.Will take delivery of goods immediately, so ask you to repair to send to us as soon as possible.In order to prevent our reputations are damaged.

    Besides, in the process of sending, is the wrapping paper box of parts of soaps seriously damaged, can invite the wrapping paper box that you send us 10 soaps??

    2.Does the soap B have the certification of photograph in the similar supplementary file? If some words, can scan a photograph file, pass us by E-MAIL?

    Please reply us as soon as possible, and appreciate your help again!!

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  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    1 0 年前

    Thanks for your help.We have already received the ordered products on May 5.According to the purchase order that we confirm ,the total amount is 20 pieces of soap.But it is only 4. we have to ship out these products in the nearest future. Would you be kind to ship out the remainder as quickly as possible in order not to damage our good will.By the way,partial packing boxes are broken on the way to our place.would you send 10 pieces of packing box to us?

    2. I wonder that the B soap with attached photo file is certificated or not.If positive,please e-mail to me with this file.Respond to us quickly,Would you? Thanks again.

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