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中文文章翻譯成英文 小弟英文不好 拜託幫忙






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    If I have magic power, I can use it to change my family, I would change my parent~


    let them has less worries, and have more of happiness~


    Because they always worried for us and then nometter what good they have they always think of us first but themselves~


    And then we had always complain of what made us unhappy,

    but parents they had always keep the unhappy things hiddened and accept it by themselves~


    as what you see... this is the resons that why I wanted to change them~

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    If I have the black magic to alter my family members, I will choose to alter my parents ~

    Let them be less worried and be more enjoyed ~

    Because they always worried themselves about us, when they have anything good they always first think of their children and not themselves ~

    Furthermore, we often complained to our parents of what we unpleasantly experienced, however, they always hide and bear what they unpleasantly experienced ~

    As you can see, these are why I want to alter them ~

    註: 1.”let 受 原形”是表”讓(人,物等)做….” 2.happy是形式詞,其比較級是happier.

    3. enjoy是動詞表 “使過得快活” 之意,人只要能過得快活,自然會 “快樂多一點”.


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    If I have sorcery to change my family, I will change my parents~

    Make them annoyed a little bit less happiness is a little bit more~

    Because they always worry about we and have what good of always the first think of a kid and isn't oneself~

    Then we have usually with the parents complain oneself to take place a displeased matter, but parents always will they displeased of the thing conceal to undertake silently~

    As you see this is I want to change them of reason~


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    If I had magical powers to change my family, I would transform my parents into becoming happier and reduce their worries. My parents concerned everything about us and always place us as first priorities.

    We often compliant of unhappy events that had happened, but they would suppress their sorrow and took on the burdens by themselves.

    As you can see, these are the reasons why I would like to change them.


    It is great that you noticed how much your parents care for you, but personally I don't think you need magical power to make your parents happier and stress-free.

    If we all need magic to do this, our poor parents will never live a happier life.

    I really hope that you don't mean what you say in here!!

    don't change them, change your self!

    2007-05-18 05:41:06 補充:

    why would someone use "black magic" on their family?? Isn't black magic "evil"?

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  • If I have the magic to be able to change my family , I'll change my parents ~

    Let them have less worry more happiness ~

    Because they always worried about us and always think of the child instead of themselves ~

    And then we always complained about the unhappy things, but parents always hide their unhappy things ~

    As you saw, this is the reason why I want to change them ~

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    If I have the black magic to change my family

    members, I will choose to change my parents. ~

    Let them worry less and happy more. ~

    Because they always worried for us and when they have anything good to they always first to think of their children to give but not to themselves ~

    Moreover, we often complained what we unhappily met to our parents, but they always hide what they unhappily met and undertake it ~

    Just as you see, this is the reason why I want to change them ~

    參考資料: 你真孝順耶 ~ 希望有幫到你 ~