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急~~變身怪醫This is the moment的中文翻譯





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  • Helena
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    This is the moment! 就是此刻

    This is the moment 就是此刻

    This is the day 就是今天

    When I send all my doubts and demons on their way! 就是此刻讓我知道我上路了

    Every endeavor 我一直所付出的

    I have made-ever- 每一分努力

    Is coming into play, 正蓄勢待發

    Is here and now today! 在此時此刻

    This is the moment, 就是此刻

    This is the time, 就是此時

    When the momentum and the moment are in rhyme!  當所有的動力和時間配合一致

    Give me this moment- 給我這個時刻

    This precious chance-

    I'll gather up my past 我會集合所有的過去

    And make some sense at last! 然後在最後使一切有意義

    This is the moment, 就在此刻

    When all I've done- 當我已做盡的

    All of the dreaming,  所有的夢

    Scheming and screaming 企圖和吶喊

    Become one! 都會合而為一

    This is the day- 就是今日

    See it sparkle and shine! - 請看他閃耀

    When all I've lived for 當生命中我所在意的東西

    Becomes mine! 都變成我的

    For all these years,  所有這些年來

    I've faced the world alone,  我獨對這個世界

    And now the time has come 同時,現在時間已來

    To prove to them 為了證明給他們

    I've made it on my own! 是我親手造的

    This is the moment! - 就在此刻

    My final test- 是我最後的測試

    Destiny beckoned, 命運向我招手

    I never reckoned  我不會認是

    Second best! 第二的

    I won't look down, 我不會往下看

    I must not fall! 我不能跌倒

    This is the moment,  此刻

    The sweetest moment of them all!  是最甜美不過的時候

    This is the moment!  就在此刻

    Damn all the odds!  所有的詭異都該死

    This day, or never,  就在今天要不就永不

    I'll sit forever with the gods!  我會永遠與眾神同坐

    When I look back,  當我回顧

    I will always recall,  我會記得

    Moment for moment,  此刻之最

    This was the moment,  就是現在

    The greatest moment of them all!  最偉大的時刻