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翻英文 自我介紹 (麻煩 因為要找工作@@)




謝謝你的幫忙^^~ 感謝你唷^^~

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  • 1 0 年前

    The work lets my further understanding society's feasibility; In participates in many work in the processes, how can make the good interpersonal relationship, is in the work the biggest challenge. Therefore trains ability unceasingly which one speak, I also truly obtain many. I give play to one's strong points in the work simultaneously also understood that my insufficiency, also penetrate regarding the insufficient disappointment looked much a book accesses the net to look the knowledge study enriches, hoped that in the next work, can have the help. I hoped that future can progress by leaps and bounds in the work, therefore sprouts transfers the duty the wish. I have the confidence to dare to accept the work any challenge, but I namely yearned for that I like the work content, moreover hoped that can have in any duty one lengthens the opportunity only then.

    I think in oneself individuality the merit am together very easily with the human, is also because such individuality causes me to be very lively, is intimate with the human. I expected that future can have the good performance in the work, also anticipated that can have an achievement in the future in the work domain, and has the contribution to the family member.