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Kenny 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


嗨 親愛的vicky

妳好嗎 我現在在普吉島一切都好 這裡有兩種天氣一種是熱 另一種是很熱

普吉島的風景很美 這裡的人很和善 步調也沒有台灣那麼快

因為工作須要 所以我現在這裡的語言學校學習英文

我們的老師他的名字跟妳一樣也叫做vicky 很巧 哈哈

老師人很好 教學很認真 重點是她跟妳一樣很漂亮

我們班上只有兩個人 我跟另一位同學叫BEN

BEN來自台灣的高雄 人很幽默 很大方 很帥

我住在普吉島的住宅區 有兩個停車位 有一位幫傭 他的名字叫A‑bin

A- bin 做事很認真 很高興有他可以幫我整理家務



3 個解答

  • 1 0 年前

    Hey Dear vicky

    How are you ?

    I now all good at Phuket Island everything

    Here has two kinds of weathers a kind of are hot

    Another kind of is very hot

    Phuket Island's scenery very beauty

    Here's people very kind

    Pace too has no Taiwan so fast

    Because work must

    So I now here's language school study English

    Our will be teacher his name with ni same too call vicky Very coincident Ha ha

    Teacher people very good

    Teaching very earnest

    Emphases will be she with ni same very beautiful

    We class on nothing but two individuals

    I with another a schoolmate call BEN

    BEN comes from Taiwanese Kaohsiung

    People very humorous Very generous Very handsome

    I live at Phuket Island's housing area

    There are two parking spaces

    There is a help servant

    Do his name call A? bin

    A- bin Work very earnest

    Very happy has he can help I neaten housework

    Will hope ni every day all happy


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  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    1 0 年前

    Hi!sweet heart

    How are you going ? I live at Puji Island and everything is just going fine. weather here is pretty hot and even hoter.

    this island has a beautiful scenery and the native is very kind. I lead a smooth life right here.

    based on the requirement of working,I attend the English language school. Our teachers name is just the same as yours. She is kind and intelligent. The point is she is as beautiful as you are.

    At this class there are only two students,I and Ben who is coming from kaoshiong. he is very handsome and humor.

    there are two parking lot at my appartment. I hire a woman who takes care of my house.

    Hope you have a great day on and on.


  • 1 0 年前

    Hey dear vicky

    How are you I am good in Puji Island everything now Two kinds of it and one kind are hot here Another kind is very hot

    The scenery in Puji Island is very beautiful People here are very kind and gentle The step is not as fast as Taiwan either

    Must because of the work So I study English in the language school here now

    His name of our teacher is named vicky very skillful heartily too as you

    The teacher is very good It is very serious to teach The focal point is that she is as very beautiful as you

    There are two people in our class I call BEN with another classmate

    BEN Kaohsjung from Taiwan People are very humorous Very natural Very handsome

    I live in the residential area of Puji Island There are two parking stalls One is served He is Abin

    A - Bin does things very conscientiously Very glad to have him can help me to put house work in order

    Wish you to be happy every day