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四、Recreation and Sports

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a popular saying in the United States. Other countries have similar sayings. It is true that all of us need recreation. We cannot work all the time if we are going to maintain good health and enjoy life.

Everyone has his own way of relaxing. Perhaps the most popular way is to participate in sports. There are team sports, such as baseball, basketball, and football. There are individual sports, also, such as golf and swimming. In addition, hiking, fishing, skiing, and mountain climbing have a great attraction for people who like to be outdoors.

Not everyone who enjoys sporting events likes to participate in them. Many people prefer to be spectators, either by attending the games in person, watching them on television, or listening to them on the radio. When there is an important baseball game or boxing match it is almost impossible to get tickets; everybody wants to attend.

Chess, card-playing, and dancing are forms of indoor recreation enjoyed by many people.

In doesn’t matter whether we play a fast game of ping-pong, concentrate over the bridge table, or go walking through the woods in a brisk autumn afternoon. It is important for everyone to relax from time to time and enjoy some form of recreation.

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    " 光做不玩人變呆 " 在美國是一個受歡迎的敘述。 其他的國家有相似的敘述。 是真實的是,我們全部需要娛樂。 如果我們要維持良好健康而且擁有生活,我們始終不能夠工作。

    每個人有放鬆的他自己方法。 也許最受歡迎的方法將參與運動。 有團隊運動,像是棒球、籃球和足球。 有個別的運動,也,像是高爾夫球和 swimmin

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