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Contrast Southwest’s CEO and culture with that of Value Line, Inc. Jean Buttner, publisher of the Value Line Investment Survey, has fashioned a culture that the company’s employees apparently hate and that no one envies. In her attempt to reduce costs and improve efficiency, she has created instrumental values of frugality and economy that are poisoning employees’ attitudes toward the organization. Employees must sign in by 9:00 A.M. every day and sign out when leaving. If they fake their arrival or departure time, they face dismissal. Because at Value Line messy desks are considered signs of being unproductive, Buttner requires department managers to file a “clean surfaces report” every day, certifying that employees have tidied their desks. She keeps salary increases as small as possible and has kept the company’s bonus plan and health plan under tight rein.

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    對比西南’s CEO 和文化與那Value Line, Inc. 吉恩・Buttner, 價值線投資調查的出版者, 塑造了公司s 雇員’明顯地恨並且沒有妒嫉的文化。在她的企圖減少費用和改進效率, 她創造了是毒化雇員態度往組織節儉和’ 經濟的有助價值。雇員必須簽到由上午9:00 每天和簽字當離開。如果他們偽造他們的到來或離開時間, 他們面對解雇。由於在價值線雜亂書桌被認為標誌的是非生產性的, Buttner 要求部門管理提出 “乾淨的表面報告” 每天, 證明, 雇員整理了他們的書桌。她保持增加工資一樣小儘可能和保留了公司 獎金計劃和健康計劃在嚴格的紀律之下。

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