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請協助翻譯此英文短故事 (通順流暢20點直接送)

請幫我翻譯此文章 .如果不是很通順沒關係

但請不要用單字直接翻 也不要上網亂貼一堆不順的句子

我希望翻譯盡量與原文相近 謝謝!!


※ “ He is a fool ” my friend said as he stepped unsteadily forward into the last small room. I followed quickly after him. His progress was stopped by the bare wall ahead of him, which he looked at stupidly in confusion. In a moment I had chained him to the rock.

※ On its surface were two iron ring, about two feet apart . A short chain hung from one of these rings, and a lock from the other. Throwing the chain quickly twice around his waist, I took only a few seconds to attach it to the lock. He was too astonished to struggle against me. Taking the key of the lock with me, I stepped back from the small room.

※ “ If you place your hand on the wall “ I said, “ you will feel the mold. Indeed it is very damp. Once more I beg you to return with me. No ? Then I must leave you. But first I should try to make you as comfortable as possible.

※ “ The Amontillado !” cried my friend. He was not yet recovered from his astonishment.

※ “True.” I replied “Amontillado”

※ As I said these words, I walked to the nearest small pile of bones. I began moving aside those on the top.Soon I uncovered some plaster and building stone. With these materials and with the help of my trowel, I began energetically to wall up the entrance to the small room.

※ I had laid only the first row of stones when I discovered that the effects of Fortunato's drinking had disappeared. The first sign of this was a low continual groan from the small room. It was not simply the groan of a man who has been drinking too much.

※ Then there was a long and insistent silence. I laid the second row, and the third, and the fourth. And then I heard a furious shaking of the chains. I sat down and listened to it with satisfaction until it stopped. Then I finished the fifth, the sixth, and the seventh row. The wall was now at the height of my chest. I again paused, and holding my torch above the wall, I threw the light on the figure inside.



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    ※ " 他是一個愚人 " 當他進入最後的小房間之內不安定地向前地踏的時候,我的朋友說。 我在他之後很快地跟隨。 他的進步被順道拜訪赤裸牆壁在他之前,他愚蠢地在混亂方面看。 在片刻中,我對岩石用鐵鍊鎖住他。

    ※在它的表面上是二個鐵戒指,分別地的大約二呎。 短鏈從這些戒指之一、和來自另一個的一個鎖吊。 在他的腰部的周圍很快地丟鏈兩次,我只花了數秒把它附在鎖。 他是與我起爭執驚訝而無法。 和我拿鎖的鑰匙,我從小的房間向後地踏。

    ※ " 如果你放你的手在牆壁上 " 我說,”你將感覺模子。 的確它非常潮溼。 再一次,我請求你和我歸還。 不? 然後我一定要離開你。 但是第一我應該試著使你儘可能舒服。

    ※ " 白葡萄酒 !”我的朋友哭。 他是還未從他的驚異恢復。

    ※ "真實的。" 我答覆 " 白葡萄酒 ”

    ※當我說這些字,我走路去骨頭的近小堆了。 我在頂端上開始在一邊移動那些了。很快我揭示了一些石膏和建築物石頭。 藉由這些材料和我的抹子的幫忙,我精力充沛地在通往小的房間入口上面對牆壁開始。

    ※當我發現的時候,我只有放置第一的排石頭喝消失的 Fortunato 的效果。 第一個符號這是來自小的房間的一聲低的持續不斷的呻吟。 它不只是一直喝太多的男人的呻吟。

    ※然後有一陣長而堅持的沈默。 我放置了第二排和第三個,和第四個。 然後我聽到鏈的狂怒的搖動。我用滿足坐了下來而且聽了它,直到它停止。 然後我完成了第五個、第六個和第七排。 牆壁現在在我的胸最盛的時候。 我再一次暫停了,而且握住在牆壁上面的我的火把,我明瞭裡面的數字。

    〈請問Fortunato 有沒有打錯?〉

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