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Male-bashing & Female-bashing

Do you think male-bashing and female-bashing take place in Taiwan? Explain. Do companies in Taiwan use insults in their commercials? Describe one.

(I am preparing for the presentation about the topic, so I'd like to know other people's ideas about the issue. Hope you can share your answers with me. Thanks a lot. )


Male-bashing is a harsh, gratuitous, predjudicial attack on men.

Female-bashing is a harsh, gratuitous, predjudicial attack on women.

Either physical or verbal assult is considered to be bashing.

Here I mean TV commercials.

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    When you say "male-bashing and female bashing" what do you mean by that? Do you mean physical abuse or just verbal? Also when you say commercials do you mean advertisements? You will need to give more details for people to help you.


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    I think male and female bashing takes place all over the world regardless of where you are. However, I am in Australia so I can only tell you what happens here. There seem to be more male board of directors.

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    In terms of work men are probably more respected than women as once a woman has a family they need to worry about the disruption of work due to pregnancy. Therefore, more opportunities are given to men because all they need to worry about is to put food on the table and their work.

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    Woman have to physically take time off work once they have children. I have a female manager she recently got pregnant and in Australia you get paid for maturity leave by law.

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    My boss didn't want to pay for it, so he tried different ways to pin her down and pick on her so that she would leave and my boss wouldn't have to pay for her maturity leave.

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    I think male bashing occurs less in the workplaces because historically male are considered to be stronger and more respectful. Physical bashing probably occurs less in Australia, verbal bashing definitely occurs in all places everyday.

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    As to the commercial question, I think it is actually illegal to use insults in commercials as companies are scared of being sued for issues such as racism, sexual and gender abuse.

    Hope that helps.

    With Regards.

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