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1. Thank the applicants. Be sure to thank each employee for applying for the position. Keep it brief as they likely know the "but…" is coming.

2. Communicate the criteria used in the decision-making process, specifically the key strengths you think will make an individual successful in that particular role. It is helpful for applicants to know how the winning candidates were judged and measured.

3. Allow time for reactions. Give the employee a chance to ask questions and articulate his or her feelings, disappointments, desires, etc.

4. Use this as an opportunity to explore areas for development. Be specific about each individual’s strengths and the traits they need to develop for that role, and why. Make recommendations for developing these new skills so the employee might become a stronger candidate during the next opportunity. Have the employee explore your recommended areas for development, and then help him make some commitments toward developing the necessary skills.

5. Highlight the positive. Even though the applicant did not get the position, this was a great exercise for polishing the individual’s résumé, practicing interviewing skills and reviewing long-term personal and development goals. More important, by throwing his name in the hat for promotion consideration, the employee is giving a clear message about his interest in growing with the company and taking on more responsibilities. Make sure you let the employee know that you, and the company, have heard him loud and clear.



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    1 。感謝申請人。請務必感謝各名雇員申請位置。保持它簡要如同他們可能知道"但…" 來臨。

    2. 通信標準被使用在決策過程, 具體地您認為將使個體成功在那個特殊角色的關鍵力量。它是有用為申請人知道怎麼贏取的候選人被判斷了和被測量了。

    3. 允許時刻為反應。給雇員一次機會問問題和明確表達他們的感覺、失望、慾望, 等。

    4. 使用這作為機會探索區域為發展。是具體的關於各各自的’s 力量和他們需要開發為那個角色的特徵, 和為什麼。提出對開發這些新技能的建議因此雇員也許成為一名更加堅強的候選人在下個機會期間。讓雇員探索您的被推薦的區域為發展, 和然後幫助他做一些承諾往開發必要的技能。

    5. 突出正面。即使申請人沒有得到位置, 這是一巨大鍛煉為擦亮單獨’s 簡歷, 實踐採訪技能和回顧長期個人和發展目標。重要, 由投擲他的名字在帽子為促進考慮, 雇員給予一則清楚消息關於他的興趣在生長以公司和承擔更多責任上。確定您告訴雇員您, 和公司, 聽見了他大聲和清楚。

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    1. 感謝申請人。 請務必感謝每名雇員申請位置。 保持它簡要,他們可能知道「但…」 來臨。

    2. 傳達用於決策過程的標準,具體地您認為將使個體成功在那個特殊角色的關鍵力量。 知道申請人是有用的怎麼贏取的候選人被判斷了并且被測量了。

    3. 允許時刻為反應。 給雇員一個機會問問題和明確表達他們的感覺、失望、慾望等等。

    4. 使用此作為機會探索區域為發展。 是具體的關於每個他們需要為那個角色開發的個體的力量和特徵,和為什麼。 提出對開發這些新的技能的建議在下個機會期間,因此雇員也許成為一名更加堅強的候選人。讓雇員探索您的被推薦的區域為發展,然後幫助他做有些承諾往開發必要的技能。

    5. 突出正面。 即使申請人沒得到位置,這是一巨大鍛煉為擦亮個體的簡歷,實踐採訪技能和回顧長期個人和發展目標。重要,通過投擲他的名字在帽子為促進考慮,雇員在生長與公司和承擔給予一則清楚消息關於他的興趣更多責任上。 確定您告訴雇員您和公司,響亮和清楚地聽見了他。

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