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奈米是一個長度的單位。1奈米 = 十億分之1米(10-9 meter),約為分子或DNA的大小,或是頭髮寬度的十萬分之一。奈米結構除了尺寸小之外,往往還擁有高表面/體積比、高密度堆積以及高結構組合彈性的特徵。奈米科技涵蓋的領域甚廣,從基礎科學橫跨至應用科學,包括物理、化學、材料、光電、生物及醫藥等。在產業方面,奈米科技已經被公認為21世紀最重要的產業之一。從民生消費性產業到尖端的高科技領域,都能找到與奈米科技相關的應用。總之,人類文明在歷經前兩個世紀的機械、電子乃至於資訊科技所帶來的工業革命,第四次工業革命的腳步儼然已隨著奈米科技的興起而到來,且由於其涵蓋領域甚廣,潛在的影響範圍遠超過半導體資訊產業,因此目前世界各國無不競相投注大量的人力與資金進行相關的研究開發。有鑒於我國優勢產業之競爭力,逐漸被其他新興國家取代,我國亟需發展一個能讓各產業從代工層次提升至自我創新地位的基礎科技平台,而整合各技術領域,且尚處萌芽期的奈米科技將是我們最有機會的選擇。





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    It is the unit of a length to endure the rice. 1 endures the rice = 1/1 billion meters (10-9 meter ), is about the size of molecule or DNA, or 1/100,000 of the width of hair. It endure rice the structures except that the size is small,often also have surface not high / volume than, density not high pile up and structure not high last an elastic characteristic. It is very wide to endure the field in which rice science and technology contain , stretch over from the fundamentals to the applied science, including physics , chemistry , material , photoelectricity , living beings and medicine ,etc.. In industry , have endured rice science and technology and has already been recognized as one of the most important industries in the 21st century. From the consuming industries of the people's livelihood to most advanced Hi-Tech field , can all find the application correlated with enduring rice science and technology . In a word, and even in the industrial revolution brought of science and technology of information on machinery , electron that the human civilization is going through first two centuries, the step of the fourth industrial revolution has already solemnly come as endure the rise of rice science and technology, and because it contains the field very widely, the potential coverage exceeds the information industry of the semiconductor far, so the countries all over the world compete invariably congenial note a large amount of manpower and fund carry on relevant research and development at present.

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    and combine every technological field, and place sprout to endure rice science and technology choice that we have an opportunity most issue still.


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