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Occupation Age

Date of Birth Place of Birth


Family Information

Career History

Interesting Information

Reason for Choosing this Person


我要的是寶兒的英文基本資料= =

那個唱歌的寶兒= =

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    Occupation Age


    Date of Birth Place of Birth

    1986-11-05 Korea


    Sing Songs . Dance . Watching Movies

    Family Information

    Parents . Two brothers . One sister

    Career History

    BoA is June excavated in, 1998 by South Korean famous idol factory SM

    Entertainment, at that time her elder brother participated in

    manufacture company once a year interviewing under, eagerly

    anticipates in the elder brother joins the South Korean art, and is

    manufactured the company sedulously to train, study English, Japanese,

    the standard spoken Chinese and so on, after cultivate into exudes

    East Asian the day the level singer。

    Makes a debut when takes the summons by 13 year-old ultra young age

    that, and participates in the manufacture company in 1999 the winter

    essence small dish performance. On August 25, 2000 promotes first

    Zhang Hsitieh in South Korea "ID; Peace B ", becomes the red star

    immediately which the East Asian area wields great power with great

    arrogance. After makes a debut concentrates to Japan develops, and

    returns to South Korea to leave the phonograph record by chance。

    In 2002 lunar New Year's Eve the night for the first time competes the

    red and white song to gather the war, is this year red group second

    enters the stage the singer, beautifully follows closely the liana to

    be expensive. Takes on first in 2003 to enter the stage afterwards the

    singer, was South Korea of singers the first place non- Japanese

    citizenship (was naturalized Japan's Han I singer to treat as the

    Japanese singers) to hold the post of first entering the stage。

    2007-06-02 10:54:24 補充:

    In March, 2003 distributes the second special edition "VALENTI"

    greatly broken million, became in the Japanese history the first place

    non- Japanese citizenship entertainer to have million special

    editions. On December 14 afternoon 7. in the Beijing

    2007-06-02 10:55:08 補充:

    China worker

    stadium hold at the 5th session of Chinese and South Korean songfest

    which sponsors together by South Korean KBS and Chinese CCTV, was

    valuable mounts the stage to sing her newest single tune "Rock with

    you" to meet with China's singer fans.

    2007-06-02 10:55:35 補充:

    This is valuable mounts Chinese

    for the first time the stage

    On February 14, 2004 begins, the Asian largest-scale music celebration

    in Singapore "MTV Asia Awards" has the honor to receive "the most

    influential Asian entertainers" and "South Korea most receives welcome

    the entertainer" two award items.

    2007-06-02 10:56:26 補充:

    Her song now Taiwan, China and

    Southeast Asia very are also popular.

    2007-06-02 10:56:52 補充:

    On May 8, 2004 first accepts invitation the Taiwan Jin Ch'uchiang,

    participates in the promulgation ceremony and offers [ Han to flow

    storm No.1+VALENTI ] to perform, holds the post of the promulgation

    person together with F4 Wu Chienhao.

    2007-06-02 10:57:03 補充:

    This also is BoA propagandizes

    and participates in the activity for the first time to Taiwan。

    In February, 2005 distributes the first Japanese to select "BEST OF

    SOUL" greatly to sell million, is this year first million special


    2007-06-02 10:57:17 補充:

    This valuably let again create "in the Japanese history the

    first non- Japanese citizenship entertainer had two million special

    editions" the record。

    2007-06-02 10:58:13 補充:

    In 2006 holds the post of the Levi's Taiwan area spokesman, and is

    invited on March 1 to propagandize to the Taiwan Taibei, is together

    the Levi's new product jeans walks Xiu with Chen Kuanhsi。

    2007-06-02 10:58:42 補充:

    In 2006 receives American dream factory Dream inviting of the Works

    movie company, holds the post of the animation movie "Forest Security

    To fight" (Over the Hedge) Japanese version dubbing.

    2007-06-02 10:58:54 補充:

    In August

    distributes the new list to Japan to bend KEY OF HEART, also

    simultaneously becomes this animation movie Japan area propaganda


    2007-06-02 10:59:03 補充:

    In 2007 distributes the fifth special edition "MADE IN TWENTY" to take

    the champion, created continuously five champions special editions

    (原創) the record, the female entertainer which second had most

    champions special edition for the Japanese history。

    2007-06-02 11:00:34 補充:

    Interesting Information

    BoA - ID;PEACE B ==On September 21, 2000

    BoA - Jumping to the World ==On April 2, 2001

    BoA - Listen To My Heart ==On March 13, 2002

    BoA - NO.1 ==On May 16, 2002

    2007-06-02 11:01:07 補充:

    BoA - Peace B. <REMIX> ==On August 7, 2002

    BoA - Miracle ==On November 4, 2002

    BoA - VALENTI ==On January 29, 2003

    BoA - Atlantis Princess ==On June 20, 2003

    BoA - NEXT WORLD ==On September 19, 2003

    BoA - LOVE & HONESTY ==On January 16, 2004

    2007-06-02 11:01:25 補充:

    BoA - Shine We Are ==On February 10, 2004

    BoA - My Name ==On August 7, 2004

    BoA - BEST OF SOUL ==On February 4, 2005

    BoA - Girls On Top ==On August 5, 2005

    BoA - OUTGROW ==On February 17, 2006

    BoA - MADE IN TWENTY ==On February 9, 2007

    參考資料: 自己+官網+奇摩網頁翻譯
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  • I did not know below the valuable individual material is I homemade

    Name : Valuable

    Occupation : Student Age : Taiwan

    Date of Birth : 83 year in June 12 Place of Birth : 13 years old

    Interests : Sings

    Family Information : Teacher news

    Career History :Does not have the history

    Interesting Information : The Myrica rubra has the Taiwan

    large-scale mole cricket 兇猛 household number news

    Reason for Choosing this Person :If the topic said treasure

    參考資料: 自己+奇摩翻譯
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