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中翻英 謝謝你們

他們大多在露天咖啡座喝飲料聊天,或是在音樂酒吧欣賞表演 ,夏日的夜晚,新天地的氣氛非常有異國情調,讓人感覺相當舒服,看似傳統的上海,在西方文化的衝擊下,有了不同的風貌。

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    他們大多在露天咖啡座喝飲料聊天,或是在音樂酒吧欣賞表演 ,

    They usually drink and chat in the open-air cafe, or watch the performance in the piano bar.


    There is an exotic atmosphere in the New World and it makes people feel very comfortable in the summer night.


    Under the great impact of western culture, traditional Shanghai has different style.

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    They are used to beverages in cafes, or tunes from live bands. At mid-summer nights, we are likely soaked in those exotic smells, here in "New Hevean". Fertilized with western cultures, the traditional SH grows with plentiful views.

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    They mostly drink the drink in the open-air coffee place and chat,

    perhaps appreciates the performance in the music bar, the summer day

    night, the new world atmosphere extremely has the exotic atmosphere,

    lets the person feel quite comfortably, looked resembles traditional

    Shanghai, in under the western culture impact, had the different