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Recall from Chapter 10 Mackey (1995-1999) set out to determine the

extent to which conversational interaction could alter the developmental

progression of the acquisition of questions. In her research, there was a

positive relationship between interaction and development in that learners who were involved in structure-focused interaction moved along a

developmental path more rapidly than learners who did not. As she noted, interaction was able to “step up the pace” of development but not

able to push learners beyond a developmental stage. In other words,

developmental stages could not be skipped. There are constraints on

learning such that even pedagogical intervention is likely to be

unsuccessful in altering the order.

The question arises as to why question formation should be subject to

the kind of constraints seen in this modal. One explanation that has been

constrain movement from one stage next:

1. Canonical order strategy: This predicts that strategies that separate

linguistic units require greater processing capacity than strategies that

involve a direct mapping onto surface strings. For example, early learners

generally use a single basic word order (e.g., in English, SVO). Elements do not interrupt this sequence.

2. Initialization/finalization strategy: When movement takes place

elements will be into initial and/ or final position rather than somewhere

in the middle of a sentence. This aids in both processing and

memorization, given research findings of the salience of first and last


3. Subordinate clause strategy: Movement in subordinate clause is

avoided. In general subordinate clauses are processed differently because one has to hold material in memory without a complete semantic


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    召回從章節10 Mackey (1995-1999) 開始確定會話式的交互作用能修改問題的承購發展進步的程度。在她的研究, 有一種積極關係在互作用之間並且發展由於被介入在結構被聚焦的互作用的學習者比沒有的學習者更加迅速地行動了沿一個發展道路。作為她注意了, 互作用能"爬上步幅" 發展但不能推擠學習者在一個發展階段之外。換句話說, 發展階段不能跳。有限制在學會這樣, 甚而師範干預可能是不成功的在修改命令。 問題出現至於為什麼問題形成應該是依於這种限制看在這中語氣。是的一個解釋其次壓抑運動從一個階段: 1. 標準命令戰略: 這預言分開的語言單位比戰略要求更加巨大的處理容量介入一直接映射表面串的戰略。例如, 早期學習者一般使用唯一基本的詞序(即, 用英語, SVO) 。元素不中斷這個序列。2. Initialization/finalization 戰略: 當運動發生元素將是入最初和或最後安置而不是某處在句子中間。這援助在處理和熟記, 被給突起第一和前個位置的研究研究結果。3. 從句戰略: 運動在從句被避免。總之從句不同地被處理因為你必須拿著材料在記憶沒有一個完全語義分析。


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