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題目: 1.A Happy Memory 快樂的回憶

2.An unforgettable dream 難忘的夢

    3.My favorite movie 我最喜愛的電影


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    My favorite movie

    My favorite movie is The Italian Job. I believe most of you have already watched this movie. Let me refresh you memory - it's a story about a gruop of professional thieves who have successfully stolen tons of gold in Venice. However, a bad guy in this gruop betrayed his partners. He took the gold for himself and tried to kill all the other people. The respected team leader has been killed but fortunately the rest people have survived.

    The surviving members find the leader's beloved daughter and she agreed to join the team for revenge. The plan for revenge is very creative, and the most exciting part is to drive 3 modified Mini Cooper in downtown LA and take back the gold. I love this movie so much not only because of those breathtaking actions, it's also a great story about friendship, trust, and love.

    If you still don't have a chance to watch it yet. I strongly recommend you this great movie, and I believe you will love it too!

    2007-05-27 19:22:02 補充:

    Sorry, 我文章裡面有2個錯字:

    Let me refresh "your" memory

    - it's a story about a "group" of professional

    參考資料: By Bill Huang
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