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    A: 服務生

    B: a先生

    C: b小姐

    D: c先生

    A: Good evening. How many people are going to have dinner tonight?

    B: Three, thank you.

    A: Please follow me this way.

    A: Have a seat, please.

    A: Are you ready to order?

    C: Yes. I’d like to try the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, New York Strip Steak, and a glass of red wine.

    A: How about you sir?

    D: I want some pasta. Do you have any suggestion?

    A: Our Slaphappy Seafood pasta is very famous.

    D: Ok, I’ll take that one. Besides, I also want some coke, thanks.

    A: And what do you feel like sir?

    B: House Salad, Grilled Rosemary Chicken Leg and a glass of vodka. Thank you.

    A: You are welcome.

    A: Enjoy your meals.

    C: Wow! I can’t believe it! Their Caesar salad is really good, especially the dressing.

    B: Yeah, my chicken leg is quite delicious as well.

    D: You can say that again! I’ve never have such a tasty pasta before. I’ll make to come here again in the new future.

    B;C: We agree with you!

    D: How about next Tuesday?

    B: Good! I am free that day. And you?

    C: Sure, that sounds like a good idea.

    A: How do you like your meals tonight?

    B: They are fantastic!

    C: Oh yeah, we love the food so much. And we are looking forward to coming back again next week.

    D: Can we make a reservation now?

    A: Certainly. I’m glad you like our food. And we hope to see you again very soon. Have a nice evening.

    B;C;D: Good bye!

    參考資料: 自己
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    A:Welcome to restaurant.

    A:How many people?


    A:OK,sit down please. This is menu.

    B:Thank you.

    B:Waiter, Waiter.

    A: Can I hlep you

    B: Yes, I want to a beef steak .

    C: I want to it, too.And I want to coke please.

    D: I want to bork steak, black tea and cake.

    A:Ok. Now I repeat it again.

    A: Two beef steak, coke, a bork steak, black tea and cake. Right?

    B: Yes, thanks.

    (after one hour)

    C:Waiter, how much?

    A:Five hundred fifty dollers.

    D:Here you are.

    A:Thanks. This your changes.

    D:Thank you.


    B,C, D:Bye Bye

    參考資料: myself
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