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1.The Town of Blacksburg typically contributes up to 4% percent of total transportation costs as a local match.

2.Consequently,the Town can anticipate a total capital investment of at least $17.3 million over the next 20 years to support its growth needs.

3.RKG Associares has assumed that these costs will become part if the Town annual capital improvement borrowing Package,which currently runs about $2 million per year.

4.Depending on when these capital improvements are funded,the Town could incur between $160,000 and $2.2 million in new borrowing in any given year,under ideal phasing assumption.

5.This does not include or take into account the Town other, non-growth releated borrwing needs.

6.How the Town develops in the future could determine when and where the Town makes its capital investments.

7.If development continues to move into the countryside in areas such as the North End,Northwest,and Southwest Districts,the need for new roads,upgraded intersections, and a new fire station in the North End may become essential.

8.However,if this growth occurs primarily within the urbanized area of and on the Virginia Tech campus,then perhaps the demand for these improvements will be delayed or reduced.

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    1.The Blacksburg 鎮典型地貢獻總運輸費用的百分之4% 作為一次地方比賽。2.Consequently, 鎮可能期望至少$17.3 百萬的總資本投資以後20 年支持它的成長需要。3.RKG Associares 假設, 這些費用將成為部份如果鎮每年資產改進借用包裹, 當前跑大約$2 百萬每年。4.Depending 當這些資產改進被資助, 鎮能招致在$160,000 和$2.2 百萬之間在新borrowing 在任一指定的年, 在理想的逐步採用的假定外。5.This 不包括或考慮到鎮其他, 非成長releated borrwing 的需要。鎮顯現出的6.How 能在將來確定何時何地鎮牌子它的資本投資。7.If 發展繼續搬入鄉下在區域譬如北邊, 西北, 並且西南區、對新路的需要, 被升級的交叉點, 和新消防局在北邊也許變得根本。8.However, 如果這成長發生主要在之內urbanized 和在弗吉尼亞技術校園, 那麼或許對這些改善的需求區域將被延遲或將被減少。

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