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當然囉! 大家都知道的~到鎮瀾宮就是拜媽祖~

在大甲鎮瀾宮的聖母殿中供奉的就是媽祖囉! 不過大家可以發現有好幾尊媽祖神像,這可不是說媽祖有好幾位喔~媽祖就只有一位而已!

比較特別的是我後來聽說的一件事情~就是走進廟裡跟走出去的門要不一樣喔! 這樣據說可以去掉身上不好的東西.而對於信仰~只要不是太過於迷信~我都還是抱持著寧可信其有的態度





Lan palace in the town in normal times crowd of people equal of many~went to weekend day off is also crowd of people hustle...

Also therefore Lan palace in the town is ex- of agreeable day the highway of the road and flank, there is a lot of and good light repast peddler~very of jollification!

The inside of the Lan palace in the town also jams to worship to beg peaceful followers~

Not only have only the male grandma then would worship oh~go to the young man that Lan palace in the town worships also a lot of...

Certainly!Everyone knows of~to Lan palace in the town is to do obeisance a Goddess of the Sea~

The oblation is a Goddess of the Sea in the Holy Mother palace of Lan palace in the town of Tachia! However everyone can find quite a few Goddess of the Sea idols, this not is say the Goddess of the Sea has quite a few oh~the Goddess of the Sea only have 1 just!

More special is a thing that I hear afterwards~BE the door which walks into the inside of the temple and walks out wants to be different! It being said so can throw away the body not good thing.And the attitude would rather believed it to be true for believing in~ only if it wering not for too in the superstition~ I still embracing

In addition to worship~the building of town Lan palace in Tachia is rather to have special features.

Kidness...Someone says the kid who learn music will not grow worse~I also want to speak 1, people of letter Goddess of the Sea will not grow worse.Welcome free go to town Lan palace in Tachia to walk~

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    Dajia Jenlan Temple(大甲鎮瀾宮) is quite crowded during the weekdays, not to mention on the weekends.

    Therefore, there are a lot of food stands with delicious Taiwanese snacks along Shungtiang Rd.(順天路) and Jianggong Rd(蔣公路).

    Inside of Jenlan Temple, there are also jams of followers to worship the goddess for peace.

    Not only the elders would go for worshiping the goddess but also many young people do.

    Certainly! Everyone knows that going to Jenlan Temple is to worship the Goddess of the Sea--Mazu~

    The goddess people worship in the Hall of Saintly Mother of Dajia JenLan Temple(大甲鎮瀾宮聖母壂) is Mazu(媽祖)! However, people can notice that there are quite a few statues of Mazu, yet it doesn’t mean there are more than one Mazu~ there is only one Mazu for sure!

    Something special is what I heard later that there are two different doors of the temple, one stands for the entrance while the other stands for the exit. According to the traditional hearsays it would help to get rid of the bad things on your body. My attitude toward the religion is that I would rather believe it unless it’s too superstitious.

    In addition to worship the goddess, the architectural features of Dajia Jenlan Temple is very special too.

    Hmm...While people say that children who play music won’t go off the road, I would also say that people believe in Mazu won’t go off the road either. Welcome to Daijia Jenlan Temple anytime~

    專有名詞的部分是採用漢語拼音. 至於標點符號的部分, 為了尊重您的原文, 並沒有修改太多唷! ^__^

    參考資料: 我自己(本身是英文系畢業)
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