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打扮著妖嬌模樣 陪人客搖來搖去

紅紅的霓虹燈 閃閃熾熾 引我心傷悲

#啊~ 誰人會凍了解 做舞女的悲哀 暗暗流著目屎 也是格甲笑咳咳

啊~ 來來來來跳舞 腳步若是震動 不管伊是誰人 甲伊~當做眠夢

我拖著沉重腳步 伴音樂西來西去

人客也對阮講甲 亂亂紛紛 引我心憂悶

Repeat #

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    哈哈... 看起來很好玩.. 我也來試試

    Dancing Girl

    Dress up pretty and perky

    Swinging with the clients

    Sparkling red neon lights

    saddens my heart

    # AH~ Who will understand

    The sadness of the dance girl

    Secretly shedding tears

    While smiling outside

    Ah~~ Come, Come, Come dance with me

    If the feet are moving

    No matter who he is

    Pretend it's just a dream /#

    Dragging my heavy steps

    Moving with the music

    Clients speak to me

    nonsense is all

    making my hear heavy

    Repeat #

    參考資料: Me
  • 1 0 年前

    The sadness of the mind of me who that is violent and violent who glitters in

    proportion to to the apparition of a very red neon light of the guest who

    dresses up and spoils that shakes here and there is pulled.

    #?Cabtowara of the case to which tears are thrown coughs secretly a little as the sadness of the dancer from whom it can freeze (It is) ..food.. is done to understanding of whom.

    ?Who is Iraq not related of and Iraq of the shell where and dance if the step shakes?It is assumed the dream of sleeping.

    I pull the melancholy of the mind of me who comes to the west attended with

    the west of music to which a heavy step is pulled and goes to the guest for

    Coucabt very jammed.


    參考資料: 自己
  • 1 0 年前

    大概的意思因該是這樣= ="

    (因為是台語 所以我盡力了)


    Dressing up the bewitching Jiao shape accompanies guest to swing

    The very red neon light flickering Chi Chi leads my heart regretful

    #~ Who person's willing freeze the woe that understanding does dance-hostess to flow eyes excrement secretly is also space A to smile to cough

    ~To come to comeDance footstep if vibrate to ignore Yi is who person A Yi~be considered as sleep dream

    I trail heavy west of music of the footstep companion to go to the west

    The guest also speaks A to the Ruan in disorder very disorderly lead my heart depressed

    Repeat #

    參考資料: 我已經盡力了= =