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    In the navigation this time, we have gone to 4 countries: Scholl Ma , Saloman , Singapore and Malaysia. Ancient have a word listen to of most people, but should more in student, I am happpy I can have this chance to experience in person . That is: ' read ten thousand books and is not so good as walking ten thousand li '. I think that compatriots go abroad , gluttony and pleasure-seeking is no doubt important , but the more valuable one should be the country to review us. Has been to Scholl Ma and Saloman, experience reaches their living condition, could recall one's own happiness in Taiwan . But though their life is not so good as Taiwan, they have presented a kind of safe and contented life attitude , and is moved by their enthusiasm deeply. Set foot on the land of Singapore, just realize the maintenance of the environment of a country, have reflected people of this country quality directly. Walk in Singapore and street of Malaysia, it is less difficult to find forgiving to plural culture of their country, and try to melt the characteristic that will become one's own country. I believe that there are culture and characteristic which other countries can't substitute in our Taiwan, but we can on being because of being such complacent , should unfold culture the to the whole world actively, enable people in whole world to point out our Taiwan when see the map, and point out that the thumb is said: ' Taiwan proves to be the good fortune and rubs the sand. '

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