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In 1898 Hardy published his first volume of poetry, Wessex Poems, a collection of poems written over 30 years. Hardy claimed poetry as his first love, and published collections until his death in 1928. Although not as well received by his contemporaries as his novels, Hardy's poetry has been applauded considerably in recent years, in part because of the influence on Philip Larkin. However, critically it is still not regarded as highly as his prose.

Most of his poems deal with themes of disappointment in love and life, and mankind's long struggle against indifference to human suffering. Some, like The Darkling Thrush and An August Midnight, appear as poems about writing poetry, because the nature mentioned in them gives Hardy the inspiration to write those. A vein of regret tinges his often seemingly banal themes. His compositions range in style from the three-volume epic closet drama The Dynasts to smaller, and often hopeful or even cheerful ballads of the moment such as the little-known The Children and Sir Nameless, a comic poem inspired by the tombs of the Martyns, builders of Athelhampton.

Composer Lee Hoiby's setting of "The Darkling Thrush" became the basis of the multimedia opera Darkling. Other composers who set Hardy's text to music include Gerald Finzi, who produced six song-cycles for poems by Hardy, and Benjamin Britten, who based his song-cycle Winter Words on Hardy's poetry. Ralph Vaughan Williams and Gustav Holst also set texts by Hardy; Holst also based one of his last orchestral works, Egdon Heath, on Hardy's work. It is said to be Holst's masterpiece. The poem was also set to music by Timothy Takach for a capella choir in 2005.

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    在一八九八年 Hardy出版了他的第一本詩集 - Wessex Poems, 此本收藏了將近三十年的寫過的詩。Hardy 表示詩就像他的第一個愛人,持續出版了許多的詩集直至一九二八年逝去。雖然不像他同期時寫的小說那麼受到歡迎,Hardy 的詩最近幾年受到很多掌聲,部分因為受到Philip Larkin的影響。但是較帶評論的來說,他的詩集沒有比他寫的散文來的受到尊重。

    大部分他的詩帶著在愛與生活當中的沮喪為主題,並描寫全人類長期對抗對人類痛苦漠不關心的努力。有些詩如 The Darkling Thrush , An August Midnight 描寫著寫詩的詩,因為詩中本身含的意義激發Hardy靈感來描述。 看似平庸的主題中都沾染絲絲他的遺憾心境。他的作品包含三本壯麗的幻想戲劇創作The Dynasts到小規模但描述著希望跟喜悅歌謠式卻鮮少人知的The Children and Sir Nameless。此從Martyns墓室(Athelhampton的建造者)激發起靈感所寫具有喜感的詩。

    作曲家Lee Hoiby為此詩The Darkling Thrush編曲從此成為所有Darkling歌劇的基本曲。其他作曲家把Hardy寫的作品編為曲的還有Gerald Finzi,他依照Hardy的詩做了六首連環曲,還有Benjamin Britten也從Hardy的詩演變而編了連環曲Winder Words 。Ralph Vaughan Williams and Gustav Holst 也是根據著Hardy來激發靈感

    Holst做出他最新的管弦作品Egdon Heath,此作品據說是此人最高創作。Hardy的詩在兩千零五年時候也被Timothy Takach為了Capella 合唱團創作成曲。

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