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我想找幾篇關於Johny Depp或

最近Pirates of the Caribbean3: At Worlds End電影的





我自己也已經找過了 不過似乎很雜亂...


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    Guy Candy: Johnny Depp∥Johnny Depp Gets Personal《出處: Access Hollywood》這一篇是描寫傑克船長這個角色跟強尼戴普之間的關係

    Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: at World's End《出處:



    Daughter's illness spurs Johnny Depp to finally marry Vanessa Paradis


    Johnny Depp’s alcoholism almost ended his career


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    超連結竟然都沒出來 貼給你了 如下



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    Initially known as a teen idol thanks to his role on 21 Jump Street and tortured pretty-boy looks, Johnny Depp survived the perils of adolescent heartthrob status to earn a reputation as a respected adult actor. His numerous collaborations with director Tim Burton, as well as solid performances in a number of critically acclaimed films, have allowed Depp to carve a niche for himself as a serious, if idiosyncratic performer, a real-life role that has continuously surprised critics intent on writing him off as just another photogenic Tiger Beat casualty.

    Born in Kentucky and raised in Florida,Depp had the kind of upbringing that would readily lend itself to his future portrayals of brooding lost boys. After his parents divorced when he was 16, he dropped out of school a year later in the hopes of making his way in the world as a musician. Depp fronted a series of garage bands; the most successful of these, The Kids, was once the opening act for Iggy Pop. During slack times in the music business, Depp sold pens by phone. He got introduced to acting after a visit to L.A. with his former wife, who introduced him to actor Nicolas Cage, who encouraged Depp to give it a try.

    In what was perhaps his most surprising departure since Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Depp shed his oftentimes angst-ridden persona for a role as flamboyant pirate Jack Sparrow in 2003's Pirates of the Caribbean. Essaying the crusty role in the manner of drunken, debauched rock star -- Depp publicly admitted Keith Richards was his inspiration -- the actor added a dose of off-kilter fun to an above-average summer thrill ride, and found himself with his biggest hit and first Oscar nomination ever.

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