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    From small life in perfect and happy family, in the family has six

    members, the daddy is the technician, mother is the housewife,

    although the parents school record is not high, but they assiduously

    struggle since childhood spiritual then deep influence I, not only

    enables me the brave ground to the question, to accept the challenge,

    is believed "wants to have the harvest certainly to have to

    cultivate". I am situated the eldest child in the home, in the family

    the economy am well-off, but the parents extremely take the word to

    teach and to teach by example, usually instills into us to remember

    the source of one's happiness and to foster the independent ponder,

    enables me in the process which studies can to assume sole

    responsibility for an important task.

    I am an individuality open and bright optimistic student, usually also

    likes with the schoolmate contact and the warm-hearted participation

    school activity, interacts good with division commander, in practice

    period, easily coordinates with the unit study elder sister family

    member and the patient links up does not have the barrier, the

    maintenance best interpersonal relationship, can accompany the patient

    by the same principle heart, listens attentively to patient's feeling,

    in this study, comprehends the matter to have the multi-level view. To

    nursed the work to display the high interest, therefore in the future

    ambition she hoped can continue to nurse the work, and took office in

    the expensive hospital still to be able to be able unceasingly to

    enrich oneself, strengthened the specialized technology and the

    knowledge which oneself nursed, realized own ideal.

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  • 你不是要貼自己的翻譯?


    I grew up in a well and peaceful family. There are six family members, while my father works as a technician, my mother is a housewife. Although my parents are not highly educated, I have learnt much from their hard working and determination to strive with problems in life. It not only allows me to face difficult matters and accept challenges, but it also makes me to firmly believe that you do not gain before making an effort. I am the first child of the failmy, and the failmy is well to do. My parents not only pay much attenston to teach us with words, but also set good examples. From day to day they teach us to be grateful and enourage us to think independantly. All these had had helped me to be solely responsible for my own well being while at school.

    Time at school, I was an optimistic and open-minded student. I liked to socialise with classmates and was eager to take part in school activities, I also interacted well with the teachers. During my internship, I found it easy to communicate and in keeping with the seniors, patients and their families, this has had enable me to have a good relationship with people all around. While I am along side of the patients, I listen to their feelings and try to understand their problems. In here I have learnt to tackle things from different angles. I have a very high interest in nursing, therefore I wish to carrying on with the work in the fututre. I believe that to be able to work at your hospital, I can strengthen myself in this field and build up evem more knowlege about nursing, which has always been my ideal career.


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