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    This news is in about overseas uses the 3G handset in to roam accesses

    the net, must be careful one but receives the bill the expense is the

    expensive oddness!

    Recently had populace's, accessed the net to Japan with three G

    handset, has downloaded a satellite picture, after returned to

    homeland receives the bill, only then discovered the expense reached

    as high as four ten thousand 5,000 Yuan.

    The Chinese telecommunication stressed that, they can send the news

    brief reminder to go abroad the populace, overseas accesses the net

    according to roams the tariff computation, but the consumer or wants

    own to pay attention.

    When overseas, if must with the friend relation, be supposed better

    not to have to use the handset to make the phone call or to access the

    net, may use to pass on the news brief not to be able to be that


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  • 1 0 年前

    This is the news to alert you that the extremely expensive bill will follow right after your roaming abroad in 3G mobile phone.

    Recently, there are some people downloaded a satellite photo via roaming in 3G mobile phone when they visited Japan. However, they received a bill and found its amount is high at NTD forty-five thousand after their returning Taiwan.

    Chunghwa Telecom emphasizes that they did send the short message to remind users who are going abroad that the fees for the surfing abroad will be charged based on the tariffs of roaming abroad. Even so, users still need to pay more attention on it by themselves. If you got to communicate with friends when you are abroad, it is better not use the mobile phone or the surfing. You may send the short message instead, and then the phone charge will be much lower.

    2007-06-05 23:47:32 補充:

    it is better not use the mobile phone or the surfing

    修正為it is better not to use the mobile phone or the surfing

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