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My name is Kevin,24 years old now,There are five people in my family( my mom、dad and two young brothers),my mom is a housewife,my dad is a worker for water and electricity。my one of the brothers look like the same with me,we are twins,he is already work in HSIN CHU,another brother is going to study in college。Anyway I have a wonderful family。

I have some habits,I like to travel、take pictures and read,I hope I have many wisdom to help more person,so I like to read so much。

I graduated in industrial management from LUNGHWA university of science and technology。At that time,I have many good friends,we always to prepare for an examination before the examination。It is full of good memories for me。

When I was to be demobilized,I learned a thing,the interpersonal relationship is so important,it can help us smoothly in the future。

I have a lot of dreams,but think too much is no good,so I hope to stand on solid ground and look for something I need。

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    My name is Kevin, I am 24 years old. There are five members in my family (Mom, Dad, two younger brothers, and I). My Mom is a housewife and my Dad is an Electrician/Plumber. One of my two brothers looks the same as me because we are identical twins, he goes to work in HSIN CHU. My other brother is still studying in college. I have a wonderful family.

    I enjoy a number of hobbies, they include: traveling, photography and reading. I like to read because I would like to gain more knowledge so I can help others. I graduated in Industrial Management from LUNGHWA University of Science and Technology. I made a lot of good friends during my study years, we used to prepare for our examinations together. Those were great memories to me.

    During my army service, I learnt how important interpersonal skill is, this knowledge helped me a lot when I left the army and joined the society.

    I have a lot of dreams, but I know thinking too far ahead is unrealistic, so I will keep my goals sensible and aim for something more practical instead.

    純屬愚見, 謹供參考.

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