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暑假從台北要搭聯合航空UA872經舊金山轉UA378到休士頓,不知在舊金山轉機時會有哪些程序?是否要證照查驗, 提領託運行李之類的? 那轉國內線要怎樣去新的登機門,是否困難或是要特別注意的地方呢?回程是從休士頓搭UA377經舊金山轉UA871回台北,又是怎樣的程序呢?感謝大大的大力分享^^

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    Arrival procedure in SFO:

    UA872 lands in SFO International Terminal (Concourse G) -> U.S. Immigration -> Claim Luggages -> U.S. Custom -> Re-check luggages -> To domestic terminal (Terminal 3, Concourse F) -> Security check (Need to show ID, such as passport & boarding pass) -> Check UA378 Departure gate number & time -> Departure gate

    UA in SFO Airport:,6722,1121,00....

    Departure procedure in IAH & SFO:

    Check in @IAH (Your luggages will be checked all the way to Taipei, no need to claim and re-check luggages in SFO) -> UA377 lands in SFO Terminal 3 (Concourse F) -> Either take Star Alliance Bus or walk to International Terminal (Concourse G) -> Security check (Need to show passport & boarding pass) -> Check UA 871 departure gate number & time -> Departure gate

    A note for you: UA872 arrives at 8:24 am, and UA378 departs at 10:45 am, even you have about 2 hrs & 20 mins between 2 flights, your connection is kind of tight. Since UA872 is an international flight and SFO is the first gateway to the U.S., all passengers (both citizens and non-citizens) need to go through the immigration, to claim luggages and go through the custom. With thousands and thousands of passengers, going through the procedure can take time. On top of this, if there's a delay on UA872, your connection will be even tigher and there's a chance that you may miss your connecting flight. But, if it's due to the flight delay, UA should put you on a different flight to Houston (IAH). I do have friends took the same flights as you'll be taking, and they didn't have any problems making the connection.

    Because UA377 arrives at 9:45 am and UA871 departs at 12:41 pm, and all you need to do is to go through the security check before you enter the departure gates area in SFO International Terminal, you shouldn't have any problems on making the connection.

    Hope my reply will help. Good luck!

    Happy Travel!!!

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    For your information: UA378 is the only non-stop direct flight from SFO to IAH. Other flights from SFO to IAH have connections either in Denver (DEN) or in Chicago (ORD). Some of the flights after 10:45am have one connection in Denver (DEN) .

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