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美國 Information Technology 研究所

請問美國有那一間學校有 資訊科技 (IT, Information Technology) 研究所呢? 我花了好一段時間但卻沒找到幾家.. 感謝任何的資訊阿~~

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    Some school put Information Technology (or sometimes called MIS) in business school because they are closely related. IT is a broad name for many subject area - software, hardware, networking, ... you think about which area of IT do you want to pursue

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    I think you need to think about what Information Technology is. What area of IT, Information Technology do you want to study. Information Technology consists of many different technical areas - software, hardware (a single chip or a microprocessor - IC design or system design), networking technology, communication engineering. There is another separate branch called MIS (Management of Information Technology) which design and utilize the technology in real life business environment. This is usually within business school. Some schools put MIS as an option of MBA program.

    So, Information Technology is a general broad term includes computer science, computer engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, communication engineering (or Telecommunication Engineering). Some schools even break it down further to include network engineering, software engineering as one of their masters' degree programs.

    I am concentrated in signal processing and communication under electrical engineering. What I study is related to OFDM, WiMAX, ... which is part of so called 802.11 or 802.16, - wireless network which is also part of Information Technology.

    I hope that this can help you to find the correct direction.

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    Rochester Institute of Technology(網址如右http://www.rit.edu/)的

    Department of Information Technology是全美最頂尖的IT研究所之一。師資非常優秀,電腦軟硬體設備尖端而齊全,研究生素質也極優。RIT位於美國紐約州Rochester,是全美極負盛名的優良學府。若你想念IT研究所,這所學校會是極佳的選擇。

    參考資料: 家人是這所學校的研究生
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    在工學院它叫 Computer Science

    在商學院它叫 Information System/computer information system

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    Texas A&M U

    Arizona State U

    U of Florida


    Hope this helps.

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    但是不一定是會有獨立出來一個information technology college或school

    可能會放在他們的engineering school, or school of art and science裡