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    1. We will appreciate that if you can ask your cooperation partner in Italy to provide an invitation for us.

    2. We would like to ask a favour from you regarding an invitation from your Italian cooperation partner. Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

    3. Would it be possible to ask your Italian corporation partner to offer an invitation? Your assistance is highly appreciated.

    參考資料: myself in London
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    If it's possible, please ask your cooperated partner(s) in Itlay to do you a favor.

    2007-06-06 18:06:19 補充:

    sorry correct Itlay --> Italy.

    Sometimes the end of "quotation mark=?" doesn't mean the sentence need to be ended in quotation mark because the speaker doubt if your cooperated partner will help you or not.

    參考資料: myself
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    (1) Will it be possible for you to seek the local factory in Italy to assist you on the matter?

    參考資料: ~Self~
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    If can with can ask you let it pull together manufacturer help here local in Italy ??

    參考資料: 自己