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    1. 請核對答案卡上之號碼與准考證號碼是否相符、答案卡上之科目與試題科目是否相符。

    2. 本試題全部為選擇題,共 4 頁 50 題,總分100 分,請檢查有無漏印、缺頁或污損等情形。

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    4. 請將正確選項用黑色2B 鉛筆在答案卡相關格內劃記,答案卡劃記格內必須塗滿。除劃記試題答案外,其他欄位請


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    1. Time and tide wait for no man. ________ the day and make the best use of your time.

    (A) Modify (B) Seize (C) Urge (D) Gather

    2. I don't believe your story. It isn't very ________.

    (A) genetic (B) physical (C) negative (D) convincing

    3. The Water- and- Green Festival is ________ by the observation of insects and lively water activities.

    (A) characterized (B) hatched (C) absorbed (D) behaved

    4. Having plenty of warm clothes is a ________ for people living in cold climates.

    (A) treatment (B) response (C) recovery (D) necessity

    5. Jeff’s smile might be an ________ of satisfaction with the plan.

    (A) indication (B) industry (C) increase (D) invention

    6. When you turn on my computer, my girlfriend’s picture _______ appears on the screen.

    (A) firmly (B) slightly (C) immediately (D) fairly

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    7. The rabbit caught in a trap was ________ violently to get free.

    (A) spreading (B) existing (C) escaping (D) struggling

    8. Mark always wears sunglasses because his eyes are ________ to light.

    (A) tolerant (B) regular (C) sensitive (D) impressive

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    9. After a long delay, the plane ________ took off at 11:30—over 6 hours late.

    (A) eventually (B) extremely (C) purely (D) cautiously

    10. The ________ of the baby food shows that it contains something bad for babies.

    (A) analysis (B) extinction (C) scene (D) reaction

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    11. Adrian ________ the air- conditioner when the room became too cold.

    (A) turned out (B) depended on (C) switched off (D) set off

    12. Jack would like to major in electrical engineering, but his father does not ________ his thought.

    (A) come across (B) go into (C) appeal to (D) approve of

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    13. Children should be taught to dial 911 ________ if they find a house on fire.

    (A) after all (B) at once (C) at times (D) and so on

    14. Jack’s father supports his marriage to Jill, but his mother ________ it.

    (A) is about to (B) is referred to (C) is meant to (D) is opposed to

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    15. The 2008 Olympic Games will ________ in Beijing.

    (A) take place (B) take up (C) pick up (D) hold up




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    Aromatherapy, the use of fragrant oils of plants to relax and heal the mind and the body, can be traced

    back thousands of years. Some ancient records and evidences show people using oils 16 from plants.

    These oils reach parts of the body, which are linked to areas of the brain

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    that 17 emotions. It is said to

    be highly effective when 18 . Different scents have different 19 on our bodies, minds and skin.

    The most common methods of use include massaging them into the skin,

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    adding them to our bath and

    breathing them in from candles. It is safe to use these oils every day and to mix them 20 the needs of

    each person, but pregnant women and people who are sick need to talk to their doctors before using any oils.

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    16. (A) to grow (B) taking (C) taken (D) growing

    17. (A) controlling (B) controlled (C) controls (D) control

    18. (A) proper use (B) used properly (C) uses properly (D) proper using

    19. (A) areas (B) effects (C) problems (D) helps

    20. (A) based on (B) in the middle of (C) till (D) including

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    In the eighteenth century, in Germany King Frederick II made his army the best in Europe and became

    known as Frederick the Great. The more famous the army became, 21 men

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    from other countries came

    to join in it. Frederick was always interested in each man of his army and 22 he inspected them, he

    would ask a new soldier the same three questions. The first was, “How old

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    are you?” The second, “How long

    have you been in my service?” The third question was, “Are you satisfied with your pay and the way you

    23 ?”

    A young French soldier became a member of the army. The Captain of the

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    Army, 24 to lose such agood soldier, taught him the good answer in German to the King’s questions 25 the young man could

    stay in the army. At the next inspection, Frederick spoke to the French

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    soldier. However, 26 asking the

    usual question first, he began with the second, “How long have you been in my service?”

    “Twenty-one years, Your Majesty,” the soldier answered in German.

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    .With a surprised look, Frederick asked, “How old are you, then?”

    “Less than a year, Your Majesty,” the Frenchman replied.

    The confused king shouted, “One of us must be crazy! Which of us is mad?”

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    “Both, if it pleases Your Majesty,” said the soldier.

    Frederick said angrily that he would have the soldier 27 . The young man explained in French

    fearfully that he 28 the answer to the three questions in German. 29 King Frederick had a


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    sense of humor and added, “I can speak your language, so you had better learn 30 . Then you won’t be

    telling your king he is crazy.”

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    21. (A) more (B) many (C) the most (D) the more

    22. (A) whenever (B) whoever (C) whatever (D) whichever

    23. (A) treat (B) are treated (C) are treating (D) have treated

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    24. (A) not wish (B) not to wish (C) not wished (D) not wishing

    25. (A) but also (B) even if (C) so that (D) chances are

    26. (A) kind of (B) because of (C) instead of (D) as a result of

    27. (A) punish (B) punished (C) punishing (D) to punish

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    28. (A) memorizes (B) was memorized (C) has memorized (D) had memorized

    29. (A) Luckily (B) Likely (C) Simply (D) Totally

    30. (A) me (B) my (C) I (D) mine


    說明:第31至40題,每題一個空格,請依文意在文章後所提供的 (A) 到 (BC) 選項中分別選出最適當


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    Shortly before the 2005 semester began, the Ministry of Education (MOE) 31 the restrictions on

    students’ hair length and styles. The history of hair regulations in Taiwan can go back to 1969. At that time,boys were required to wear crew cuts 32

    2007-06-11 15:56:51 補充:

    no hair on their temples. The length of girls’ hair could not go

    below their ears 33 . Moreover, strange hairdos were not permitted and students could not have their hair

    dyed or 34 either. Since 1969, the hair regulations remained unchanged

    2007-06-11 15:56:56 補充:

    until 1987 35 the

    government lifted martial law. Schools could set up their own standards regarding hairstyles on the

    officially-issued principles. Most schools tended to maintain their own strict rules about students' hairstyles

    36 the MOE’s new policy. Routine hair 37 were still carried out every

    2007-06-11 15:57:05 補充:

    month. Thus, when the MOE

    decided to ban public school restrictions about hairstyles in August 2005, many schools 38 to enforce the

    new policy. There have been mixed feelings about the ban. While some

    2007-06-11 15:57:10 補充:

    critics of the move fear that giving

    students more freedom might lead to a 39 of discipline and more incidents of misbehavior in schools,

    40 believe that it will teach students to be more creative and to take responsibility for themselves. No

    2007-06-11 15:57:28 補充:

    matter who wins the debate, the lifting of the restrictions has formally put an end to the much-questioned hair

    regulations in Taiwan.

    (A) despite (B) checkups (C) with (D) removed (E) when

    (AB) others (AC) hesitated (AD) lack (AE) as well (BC) permed

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    41-44 為題組

    Ray Kroc, one of the founders of the McDonald’s chain, changed American food culture the way

    2007-06-11 15:57:52 補充:

    Henry Ford changed transportation. Ray Kroc first located his restaurant near churches, with a view to

    offering a place where people could take a rest and know what to expect on the menu. Then he thought that

    2007-06-11 15:57:59 補充:

    highways and suburbs needed his new food service, too. Standardization and efficiency are the other two

    important features of McDonald’s. In a manual written by Ray Kroc, the process of making a hamburger was

    2007-06-11 15:58:09 補充:

    shown in detail, and no one was supposed to miss any step in the manual. By the mid-1950s, the hamburger

    had replaced the apple pie as America’s favorite food. Today, about 200 Americans purchase one or more

    2007-06-11 15:58:15 補充:

    hamburgers every second, and on average each American consumes 12 kilograms of ground beef every year.

    41. According to the passage, which of the following statements about Ray Kroc is true?

    2007-06-11 15:58:31 補充:

    (A) He was not interested in the future of fast food in the United States.

    (B) He chose to open McDonald’s restaurants in business districts.

    (C) He helped establish the McDonald’s hamburger chains.

    (D) He wished to provide a place for Americans to worship God.

    2007-06-11 15:58:37 補充:

    42. According to the passage, Kroc wrote the manual in order to ________.

    (A) experiment with a new process of making hamburgers

    (B) ensure the meals in all McDonald’s had the same features

    (C) encourage his employees to use their imaginations

    2007-06-11 15:58:48 補充:

    (D) increase the components of McDonald’s hamburgers

    43. The main idea of the passage is that ________.

    (A) Kroc’s instruction book was the McDonald’s bible

    (B) Americans travel more because Ford built good cars

    (C) hamburgers have become Americans’ favorite food since the 1950s

    2007-06-11 15:59:07 補充:

    (D) Kroc effectively introduced fast food to Americans

    44. According to the passage above, which of the following is true?

    (A) Americans’ liking for fast food opened up a market for transportation.

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