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11.我昨天做了一些作業以及今天的英文練習 many times did you go away on vacation last year?(請問這句什麼意思?又該怎麼回答?)




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    1.The house chores I do most often include washing up the dishes and sweeping the floor. 2.I don’t like washing up the dishes; I think it is waste of my time. mother is the person responsible for cleaning up the house and bathroom and my father is helping her.

    4.I feel it is waste of money to hire a housemaid because we (I ) are (am) not so busy.

    5.if there is a dog which wants to attack me, I will not look at it and slowly make my exit.

    6.if home work is too hard, I will discuss with my classmates.

    7.if my friends feel upset, I will make a joke for them.

    8.if I see a beautiful girl, I may look at her continuously (I may talk to her)

    9.I was glowing up in the city; therefore, I prefer the city life. Because it is more lively.

    10.I prefer to live in the city because it is more convenience for receiving new information.

    11.I did some homework yesterday and I practice my English today.

    12.你去年總共有多少次.旅行假期 I had an excellent summer vacation last year and I went to National park in Hualien ( 花蓮)

    13.Because the school is very close to my home.

    參考資料: myself
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    1.Most of the housework I do is just washing bowls and sweeping the floor.

    2.I don’t like wash bowls because I think it spends much of my time.

    3.My mother spent most time cleaning the bathroom or making our house tidy; while, my father was helping her.

    4.I think it’s too wasting to hire a maid. In fact, I am not really so busy.

    5.If a dog wants to bite me, I will not watch it; and go away as soon as possible.

    6.If the homework is too difficult, I will consult other classmates.

    7.If a friend is too sad, I will say some jokes.

    8.If I see a gorgeous girl, I will glimpse her at a lot of times. (I might want to talk to her.)

    9.I grow up in the city. I love city. Because the city is bustling with life.

    10.I live in a city, because it’s more convenient to receipt the information.

    11.I did some homework of yesterday and English practice of today.

    12.去年你再假日的時候出去完幾次 ?(可以回答次數 然後再扯一些遊玩的內容)

    13.Because the school is near my home.


    參考資料: 自己
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    The major hourseworks that I do are washing dishes and sweeping the floor.


    I don't like washing dishes because I think it wastes time.


    My mother is mainly responsible for clearning the bathroom or tidying up the house and my father helps aside.


    I think it's a waste for hiring a maid because I am not that busy.


    If there is a dog wanted to bit me, I wouldn't look at him and would walk away silently.


    I would ask for help from other classmates if I found the assignments were too difficult.


    If my friends were sad, I would tell him/her some jokes.


    I would pay more attentions if I came across a pretty girl. I may want to talk to her,too.


    I grew up in a city. I like city because it is crowded.


    I want to live in a city because information and communication are fast and easy in a city.


    I've done some assignments yesterday and have done some English practices today. many times did you go away on vacation last year?(請問這句什麼意思?又該怎麼回答?)


    回答: I went on vacation twince last year. (我去度假了兩次)


    Because the school is close to my home.

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    參考資料: english
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    1.I I am greatly part of to do of the family affairs is to do dishes and sweep floor

    2.I don't like to do dishes, I think it is very time-consuming

    3.My mama mainly sweeps bathroom or sorting home, father then does some help

    4.I thought to employ maidservant to waste too, because oneself has no so busy!

    5.If there is dog wanting to bite me, I will not see he and will go away secretly

    6.If the homework is too difficult, I will consult other classmates

    7.If my friend is sad, I will say some jokes to listen to to him

    8.If see beauty, I may see several more eyes(I may want to say with him)

    9.I grow up in the city, I like city, because it is very noisy

    10.I want to live in the city, because the information receives very quickly convenient

    11.I did some homeworks and the English practice of today yesterday

    13 because the school leaves my house very near

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