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2種加起來有200個PO在回覆那邊 這樣就好了

不用介紹我買啥書籍 謝謝你ㄉ好意^^

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  • 小乖
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    take place: 發生 = happen look … up: 查閱

    look out : 小心 for good: 永遠 = forever

    for the time being: 目前; 此時 = so far look over: 仔細檢查

    in general: 一般而言=on the whole at present: 目前;此時 = so far

    carry on: 繼續 = keep on = go on all over the world: 全世界

    held on: 舉行

    at any rate: 無論如何;至少= in any case

    before long: 不久 in need of: 需要

    on duty: 值班 / off duty: 下班 on account of: 因為

    due to : 由於 in person: 親自

    do/try one’s best: 盡力而為 in private: 私下地

    keep one’s words: 信守諾言 break one’s words: 違背諾言

    in time: 及時 on time: 準時

    get to: 抵達 = reach = arrive at/in would rather V. : 寧願

    by the way: 順便一提 had better V.: 最好

    in charge of: 負責 used to: 過去常常

    be/get used to: 習慣於 once in a while: 有時; 偶爾

    go with: 搭配 keep time: 計時

    by heart: 背下來 keep in mind: 牢記在心

    have a good time = enjoy oneself: 玩得愉快

    blame for: 責備 (某人) call sb. down: 斥責;責備 (某人)

    keep up : 保持 burn down: 燒毀

    go well : 順利進行 go wrong: 出差錯

    prevent ~ from ~ = keep ~ from = hinder ~ from ~ = stop ~ from ~ 防止

    at random: 任意地; 隨便地 go abroad: 出國

    look on: 袖手旁觀 live on: 以…為食; 靠 …生活

    call the roll: 點名 bring on: 引起; 釀成

    get out of : 逃避 be in favor of: 贊成

    after all: 畢竟 above all: 最重要的是

    look forward to V-ing: 期望 out of work: 失業

    in the long run = finally = at last: 最後 make use of: 善加利用

    break in: 闖入

    watch out for: 小心提防 mistake for: 誤認

    ran into: 撞上 sit up = stay up: 熬夜


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