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我叫做 xxx 我剛開始打籃球時遇到很多挫折.於是每天努力奮鬥.別人既然看不起我.我反而越練越起勁.直到我上場的那一刻.我那個永不放棄的''態度''喚回了我的尊嚴.從那場之後我得到了尊嚴重.沒有不可能的先拿個50分再說

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    I name xxx me begin, meet a lot of setbacks fight basketball, just. Then make great efforts to struggle every day. Since others look down upon me. I practise it more and more hard instead. That time until I appeared on the stage. That of mine will never be given up " The attitude " calls my dignity back. I have received dignity heavily since that. There is no impossible taking 50 fen first


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